Giuseppe Mancini

Giuseppe Mancini

Prof. Giuseppe Mancini is a Professor in Chemical Plants in the Course of Chemical Engineering for Industrial Sustainability at the University of Catania (Italy). Graduated cum Laude in Civil Engineering (Hydraulic section) at University of Catania, Italy, in 1994, got his Ph.D. in Environmental Sanitary Engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, in 2000 and graduated cum Laude in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy, in 2001. He is currently Head of the University Centre for the Management and Protection of Natural Environments and Agroecosystems at the University of Catania. He is author of more than 150 scientific papers some of which published by prestigious International Journals. He is also Editor of the volume “Monitoring, control and removal of xenobiotic and emerging compounds in civil industrial and groundwater wastewater” (in Italian). His research expertise is in the area of waste and wastewater management, wastewater reuse, circular economy and process sustainability. He was/is scientific responsible, for the University of Catania, of several national and international projects and industrial consulting agreements for a total contribution, to his University, of more than 2.500.000 Euros. He is currently (from 2018) coordinator of the two Scientific/Technical and Stakeholders committees of the three-days national Italian EXPO on Environment, Energy and Sustainability ECOMED which attracts every year more than 10.000 visitors hosting more than 25 conferences at once. He is Member of the Editorial Board in several open-access Journal and currently Editor of a Special Issue on “Aquatic Ecosafety: Threats, Disturbances, Environmental Monitors and Bioremediation Actions” in Aquatic Systems -Quality and Contamination – Water Journal. He is also currently president of the Italian national Association of Environmental Engineers (AIAT

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