Wednesday, 21 June 2023

8.00-9.15 Registration
9.15-9.45 Welcome Speeches
Chair: M. Loizidou

Keynote Speakers
Chair: M. Loizidou

Arnoldas Milukas, European Research Executive Agency – European Commission
EU Research and Innovation: New Funding Opportunities for the Circular Economy – PRESENTATION

Nicolas Abatzoglou, Université de Sherbrooke
Towards hybrid biorefineries: Waste plastics and metal-contaminated biomass as sources of nanocarbons, synthesis gas, hydrogen and liquid biofuels – PRESENTATION

Stephen Smith, Imperial College London
Organic micropollutants: their control, occurrence and consequences for recycling systems – PRESENTATION

Jonathan W.C. Wong, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
In-situ composting strategies for sustainable food waste digestate management – PDFPRESENTATION

Dan Tsang, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Emerging biochar construction materials towards carbon neutrality – PDF

11.15-11.45 Coffee Break
MSW management I
Experience of local authorities in waste management
Chair: M.Loizidou
11.45-12.00 K. Paterakis
Comparative assessment of the qualitative characteristics of the produced compost from the separate
collection of biowaste and of the soil improver from the organic fraction of mixed waste – PRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 M. Geranis
Circular Economy: From theory to practice
12.15-12.30 Κ. Borboudaki
ESDAK initiatives in the field of waste management – PRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 I. Segkos
The era after MBT
12.45-13.00 Μ. Loizidou
Waste management in Cyprus – Central Facilities – PRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 E. Stylianopoulou, J. Constantinidou, A. Adamou, Ch. Mavronicola
LIFE-IP CYzero WASTE: Intelligent monitoring and efficient waste reduction in Cyprus Island – PRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 P. Psonopoulos, I. Glarakis, E. Dellaporta, D. Tangilis, T. Paschali
Organization and Monitoring of an integrated system of separate collection of biowaste at
Central Macedonia Local Authorities – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 P. Kafasis
Innovative circular economy activities of the Integrated Waste Management System of DIADYMA – PRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 E. Tritopoulou, A. Katsiaganni, K. Paterakis
Pay as you Throw in Chania Municipality – PRESENTATION
14.00-14.15 P. Gkouvousis
Helector S.A.: Accelerating towards a circular economy transition. Our mission and vision – PRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 G. Michalopoulos
Experience from 1 year’s operation of the MBT plant in Alexandroupoli – PRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 Thalis E.S S.A
Investing in the circular economy: Challenges and opportunities – PRESENTATION
14.15-15.00 Lunch Break
Circular Economy & Symbiosis Networks
Chair: J. W.C. Wong, D. Hidalgo, D. San Martin
11.45-12.00 M. Batsioula, S. Skoutida, D. Geroliolios, L. Melas, C. Karkanias, A. Malamakis, S. Patsios, G.F. Banias
Mapping the biological feedstock streams: A methodological approach for Material Flow Analysis
to support the transition to a Circular Bioeconomy – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 B. Inarra, J. Ibarruri, C. Bald, M. Gutierrez, D. San Martin, N. Luengo, J. Ferrer, J. Zufia
Optimization and scaling up bioactive peptides production from fish discards – PDFPRESENTATION
12.15-12.30 L.D. Allegue, V. Marchisio, M. Perez, M. Figueroa, M. Margallo, D. Mendez
RE-FISH TO FOOD biorefinery: Valorization of seafood and cannery industry resources into
alternative proteins – PDFPRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 S. Fraterrigo Garofalo, T. Tommasi, D. Fino

Valorization of fish processing waste through enzymatic extraction: a short review – PDFPRESENTATION

12.45-13.00 H. Dominguez, B. Inarra, C. Bald
Optimization of the autolysis of rainbow trout viscera for amino acid release using response
surface methodology – PDFPRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 D. Christianides, Α. Tsimaras, F. Chatzimaliakas, I. Bousoulas, M. Chatziaggelakis, K. Passadis,
K. Moustakas, E.M. Barampouti, S. MaiProduction of orange peel-based ingredients for dairy sheep feed in pilot scale – PDFPRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 A. Djukic-Vukovic, J. Grbic, S. D. Mladenovic, Pavlovic, S. Lazovic, L. Mojovic
Corn stalks as a lignocellulose substrate for biorefinery applications – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 E. Garcia Muchart, L. Mejias Torrent, O. Martinez-Avila, S. Ponsa Salas
Novel biostimulant bacterial exopolysaccharides production via solid-state fermentation as a
valorisation strategy for agri-food waste – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 Junye Wu, Yiying Wang, Guiying Lin, Lifeng Li, Chi-Hwa Wang, Tianshu Ge
The application of water hyacinth biochar as the soil conditioner for vegetable planting in
greenhouses with direct air capture CO2 enrichment: a comparative study – PDF
14.00-14.15 L. Alizadeh, M. Ciro Liscio, P Sospiro
The phenomenon of greenwashing in the fashion industry: a conceptual framework – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 E. Kokkinomagoulos, A. Stamkopoulos, A.M. Michaelidou, A.M. Goula, P. Kandylis
Sustainable exploitation of wine lees for winemaking applications: a circular economy approach – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 P. Delgado-Plana, D. Eliche-Quesada, S. Bueno-Rodriguez, L. Perez-Villarejo
Alternative activation of silicomanganese slag with olive biomass fly ash to produce one-part
geopolymers for a circular economy – PDFPRESENTATION
14.45-15.00 Lek Hong Lim, Preston Tan, Wei Ping Chan, Andrei Veksha, G. Lisak, Wen Liu
A techno-economic assessment of CO2 capture from incineration from flue gases reutilising
municipal solid waste incineration ashes – PDFPRESENTATION
Recovery of materials from wastewater, sludge – Sludge Management
Chair: K. Chojnacka, S. W.H.Van Hulle, B. Ruffino
11.45-12.00 Jie Bu, Y.W. Tong
Recovery of resources from wastewater to synthesise nutrient-loaded slow-release hydrogel:
Release characteristic and mechanism – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 G. Campo, B. Ruffino, A. Reyes, M.C. Zanetti
Options for the reuse of municipal wastewater in the Antofagasta mining district:
a 3-E analysis for a nearly-energy positive WWTP – PDFPRESENTATION
12.15-12.30 A. Kaskova, M. Kwapinska, W. Kwapinski, J.J. Leahy
Comparison of hydrothermal carbonization and low-temperature pyrolysis for nutrients
recovery from the milk/dairy processing sludge – PDFPRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 M. Zubrowska-Sudol, J. Walczak, N. Doskocz, A. Narożniak
Hydrodynamic disintegration of sewage sludge – recovery of organic compounds, biomass
deactivation, cell lysis – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 J. Walczak, M. Zubrowska-Sudol
Impact of total solids concentrations on release of organic compounds via mechanical disintegration
surface methodology
of sewage sludge – PDFPRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 D. Kumar Singh, A. Garg
Application of sewage sludge derived hydrochar as an adsorbent for removal of methylene blue
dye from wastewater – PDFPRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 S.W.H. Van Hulle
Optimisation of advanced oxidation processes in view of organic (micro)pollutant removal from
(waste) water in view of water reuse – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 C. Bald, F. Eloy, H. Dominguez, B. Inarra, C. Thonar, D. San Martin, M. Gutierrez
Production of biofertilizers from tuna cooking waters through membrane nanofiltration and
enzymatic hydrolysis – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 Satya Brat Tiwari, Eunice Weilin Wong, Andrei Veksha, Wei Ping Chan, Wen Liu,
Xunchang Fei, Teik-Thye Lim
Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge amended with alum and ferric sludges using sequential
extraction and pyrolysis – PDFPRESENTATION
14.00-14.15 M. Gutierrez, D. San Martin, J. Ibarruri, C. Bald, J. Zufia, B. Inarra
Scaling up of savoury compounds production from mussel cooking side streams – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 M. Dosa, N. Grifasi, C. Galletti, D. Fino, M. Piumetti
Natural zeolite clinoptilolite for wastewater treatment – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 S. Anangadan, J. Saththasivam, S. Pradhan, G. McKay, H. R. Mackey
A comparative study of the impact of greywater and freshwater irrigation on plant growth and
biomass production – PDFPRESENTATION
14.45-15.00 LK. Tsamoutsoglou, A. Manali, P. Gikas
Microsieving: A novel process for the removal of suspended solids from wastewater, upfront
of the aeration tank – PRESENTATION
Bioprocesses, Biorefineries in waste management I
Chair: A. Zouboulis, K. Lasaridi, Τ.Α. Kotsopoulos
11.45-12.00 A. Chatzis, M. Gaspari, K. Kontogiannopoulos, A. Zouboulis, P.G. Kougias
Comparative assessment of different packing materials in biological methanation – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 T. Sari, D. Akgul, B. Mertoglu
Assessing the potential of anammox bacteria as an alternative bioenergy resource – PDF
12.15-12.30 D. L. Restrepo-Serna, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
A comparison between the solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extraction to obtain
polyphenolic compounds using the orange peel as raw material – PDFPRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 A.A. Lithourgidis, S.D. Kalamaras, M.A. Morales, I. Angelidaki, M. Pinelo, T.A. Kotsopoulos
Purification of fermentation broths produced from industrial candy waste towards separation
and recovery of bio-succinic acid – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 A. Arias, C.-El. Nika, V. Vasilaki, G. Feijoo, M. T. Moreira, E. Katsou
Environmental, economic and circularity assessment of the hydrothermal liquefaction of black liquor
under a biorefinery approach – PDFPRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 C. Treinen, J.A. Poveda-Giraldo, J.C. Solarte-Toro, D.L. Restrepo-Serna, P. Noll, M. Henkel,
R. Hausmann, C.A. Cardona Alzate
Assessing the feasibility and sustainability of surfactin bioprocesses: A techno-economic and
environmental analysis – PDFPRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 Yang Bai, Xinmin Zhan
FeS-based autotrophic denitrification for removal of nutrients and emerging contaminants – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 K. Czerwinska, S. Del Pero, L. Lombardi, A. Polettini, R. Pomi, A. Rossi, S. Shivali, M. Sliz, M. Wilk, T. Zonfa
Environmental evaluation of innovative biorefinery process – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 S. Torres-Herrera, J. Palomares-Cortes, J.J. Gonzalez-Cortes, X. Gamisans, D. Cantero, M. Ramirez
Biogenic sulfur flocculation from pilot bioscrubber for landfill biogas desulfurization – PRESENTATION
14.00-14.15 G. Ghiotto, S. Campanaro, L. Treu
Strain resolved metagenomics applied to biogas upgrading – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 S. Werle, S. Sobek, M. Sajdak, H. Mumtaz, R. Muzyka, P. Sakiewicz
Experimental Analysis of the Solvolysis and Oxidative Liquefaction of the End-of-Life Composite Wastes – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 F. Sereti, M. Alexandri, D. Tagiou, F. Mpatsolaki, A. Papadaki, N. Kopsahelis
Rhodosporidium paludigenum yeasts as a novel biotechnological tool for natural carotenoids
production – PDF
MSW management II
Experience of local authorities in waste management
Chair: M. Loizidou, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis
15.00-15.15 M. Romenska
EPR as tool for plastic packaging circularity – PDFPRESENTATION
15.15-15.30 M. Donner, H. De Vries
Emerging collaborative circular bioeconomy business models in France – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 J. Faitli, S. Nagy, C. Agoston, A. Szabo, P. Szakolcai
EPR and DRS Based Municipal Solid Waste Analysis Seasonal Campaigns in Hungary – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 V. Stergiou, H. Xirou, N. Cretsi-Bacolas, A. Stamos
Assessment of the waste management of portable and industrial batteries in Greece in light of the
new EU battery regulation – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 V. Sousa, A. Drumond, I. Meireles, C. Dias-Ferreira
Waste generation pattern drivers: the impact of economic crisis, pandemics and war – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 M. Struk, T. Lebánková
Improving biowaste management practices using municipal and citizen perspectives – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 H. Xirou, V. Stergiou, C. Sherrington, M.Hilton, L.Eggleston
Proposals towards the design of a Greek Deposit Refund System – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 S. Manzur, T. Thomas
Characterizing solid waste in New York State: 2022 sampling results – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 S.V. Theodoridou, S.Lianoudaki, E.D. Polytides
Investigation of the impact of Environmental Education on the Greek family through her children
Α Case study on the topic of carbon footprint – PDF
17.15-17.30 G. Tavoularis, A. Sakalis, T. Lolos, C. Tsompanidis, M. Tsakona
A Circular Economy and Marine Litter Strategy for the Maldives small-island country – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 A. Alahmary, X. Yan
A Review of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Saudi Arabia Environmental,
Economic and Social Perspective – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 B. Moura, H. Monteiro
MAM as a more resource efficient alternative to conventional machining: A systematic review – PDF
18.00-18.15 I. Voukkali., I. Papamichael, P. Loizia, M. Stylianou, A.A Zorpas
Building resilient coastal cities in Mediterranean Area. The 15-minute city approach – PRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 K. Manabe, T. Shimaoka
Research on the estimation of disaster waste generation potential and generation intensity – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 P. Nowakowski, M. Wala
Towards sustainable community – the evaluation of the local municipal waste collection centers by
residents – a case study of Poland – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 N. Hamizah Mohamed, S. Khan, S. Jagtap
Waste 4.0: Towards Digitalization in Waste Management Segregation – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.15 E.A. Diamantouli, L. Stendardo
Wastelands and circular economy: landfills as a reused, “recycled” or restored space – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 U. Bassey, Abasi-Ofon Tom, U. Luke, U. Okono, J. Mbetobong, M. B. Sinn, A. Bassey
Characteristics and management of municipal solid waste in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State, Nigeria – PDFPRESENTATION
19.30-19.45 A. Castellucci, A. Zunguze, I. Rama, E. Rada, V. Torretta, M. Ragazzi
Benefits of switching from incineration to sterilisation of health-care waste in Beira, Mozambique:
sustainability, reuse of treated material, safety at work – PDFPRESENTATION
19.45-20.00 M. Waqas, A. S. Nizami
Unlocking Integrated Waste Biorefinery Approach by Predicting Calorific Value of Waste Biomass – PDF
Tools in the field of waste management & Management of
Specific Waste Streams
Chair: U. Yetis, F. Dilek, L. Lombardi
15.00-15.15 V. Orfanos, D. Barkas, A. Nikolaou, H.C. Leligou, S.D. Kaminaris, C.S. Psomopoulos
IoT technologies applied in Waste Management – PDF
15.15-15.30 G. Hafner
Digital Tools for Monitoring and Reducing Food Waste in the Tourism Sector – Experiences and Results
from Greece and Germany – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 M. Legan, P. Stukovnik, K. Zupan, A. Zgajnar Gotvajn
Effect of differently shaped recycled PET plastic on the early-age properties of cement mortar – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 N. Stoikou, A. Symeonidis, E. Moreno-Ruiz
ecoinvent database as a tool for waste treatment modelling and Life Cycle Assessment – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 L. Lombardi
LIFE-C project: spreading Life Cycle Thinking in higher education – PRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 P. Sospiro, M. Ciro Liscio
Life Cycle Assessment on fashion industry: four case studies – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 D. Silva, H. Monteiro, F. Ribeiro, R. Rocha
Life Cycle Assessment of an innovative aeronautic thermoplastic carbon composite produced
by stamping – PDF
16.45-17.00 S. Chari, A. Sebastiani, A. Paulillo, P. Lettieri, M. Materazzi
Waste to hydrogen with CCS: Life cycle assessment of plant operation and feedstock variation – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 A. Castagnoli, I. Pecorini, R. Iannelli
The Waste to methanol process: an eco-sustainability assessment from a life cycle perspective – PRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 F. Soltanipour, F. Donsì, G. Ferrari
Process optimization, techno-economic and life cycle analyses for the extraction of valuable
compounds from agri-food residues – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 S. R. Raut, M. K. Chandel
Advancing the circular economy for e-commerce packaging waste in India by closed loop models – PDF
17.45-18.00 P. N. Mandaliev, R. M. Schreiber, J. Dupont
A fast and cost-efficient method for rapid monitoring of foreign substances in biogenic waste and
organic recycled fertilizer based on hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 N.U.M. Nizam, M.M. Hanafiah
Synthesis, Optimisation and Cradle-to-Gate Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Biowaste
Derived Nanomaterials: A Circular Bioeconomy Approach – PDF
18.15-18.30 G. Mavrias, P. Grammelis, I. Kontodimos, C. Ketikidis, D. Kourkoumpas
Pilot application of modified asphalt mixture with End of Life Tires (ELTs) and Reclaimed Asphalt
18.30-18.45 C. Hoffmann Sampaio, W. Monteiro Ambros, B. Grigore Cazacliu, J. Oliva Moncunill, M. Medeiros Veras,
G. Luis Miltzarek, A. Salvador Kuerten, M. Alejandra Liendo, J. Luis Cortina
Construction and Demolition Waste Concentration in Water Jig, Air jig, and Sensor-Based Sorting – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 A. Piccinali, A. Abba, A. P. Galvin, G. Plizzari, S. Sorlini
Characterization of aggregates from construction and demolition waste in relation to Italian and
Spanish regulations – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.15 J. Alexandre Bogas, R. Cruz, B. Azevedo, S. Real, M. da Gloria Gomes
Physical and Mechanical strength characterization of compressed earth blocks produced with
recycled cement – PDF
19.15-19.30 M. Gloria Gomes, J. Alexandre Bogas, S. Real, R. Cruz
Thermal conductivity of compressed earth blocks produced with recycled cement – PDFPRESENTATION
19.30-19.45 J. Alexandre Bogas, R. Cruz, B. Azevedo, A. Balboa, V. Sousa
Water resistance of recycled cement compressed earth blocks – PDFPRESENTATION
19.45-20.00 D. Silva, H. Monteiro, F. Ribeiro, R. Rocha
Environmental impact of an innovative aeronautic carbon composite produced via heated
vacuum-assisted resin transfer moulding – PDF
Bioprocesses, Biorefineries in waste management II
Chair: C.A. Cardona Alzate, N. Abatzoglou, C. Kennes
15.00-15.15 C. Kennes, M. C. Veiga
C1-gas (syngas, CO2) bioconversion to biofuels and bioproducts – PDF
15.15-15.30 C. A. Cardona, J. Camilo Solarte-Toro, M. Ortiz-Sanchez, P. J. Inocencio-Garcia, J. Salcedo, J. Hernandez, D. Otero
Bioenergy and Biorefinery potential of residues: A representative case of the Sucre region in Colombia – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 R. Rebolledo-Leiva, S.M. Ioannidou, A. Arias, D. Ladakis, A. Koutinas, M. T. Moreira, S. Gonzalez-Garcia
Environmental hotspots analysis of the second-generation polylactic acid (PLA) based on wheat straw – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 J.A. Poveda-Giraldo, C.A. Cardona Alzate
Analysis of catalyzed acid pretreatments as the basis for the design of lignocellulosic biorefineries – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 S. Pena-Picola, A. Serra-Toro, M. Peces, J. Vila, M. Grifoll, F. Valentino, S. Astals, J. Dosta
Acidogenic fermentation coupled with nitrogen recovery using a gas-permeable membrane to produce a VFA-rich liquor with a high C/N ratio – PDF
16.15-16.30 M. Gottardo, G.A. Tuci, A.C. Parmar, P. Pavan, F. Valentino
Tannery sludge valorization through biological processes: preliminary evaluation of biogas and short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 P. Karanicola, M. Patsalou, P. Christou, G. Panagiotou, M. Koutinas
Development of a citrus processing waste-based biorefinery for production of high-added value commodities – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 C. A. Cardona Alzate, J. C. Solarte Toro, V. Aristizabal-Marulanda
Biorefineries design and implementation in crisis times: A challenge for sustainable development – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 E. A. Nanaki, S. J. Kiartzis
Investigating the role of biorefineries within the concept of circular economy – PDFPRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 G. Proietti Tocca, F. Regis, S. Fratterigo Garofalo, V. Agostino, B. Menin, T.Tommasi, D. Fino
Valorization of gas fermentation acetate – rich outflow into valuable microalgal biomass – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 I. Papachristou, C. Anagnostopoulou, K. N. Kontogiannopoulos, P. G. Kougias
Carotenoid extraction from microalgae cultivated in food industry effluents for the production of cosmeceuticals – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 I. Kontogeorgos, H. Bylinski, M. Szopinska, A. Remiszewska – Skwarek, A. Luczkiewicz, S. Fudala – Ksiazek
Low-thermal pre-treatment of organic fraction of municipal solid waste – effect of solubilization – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 F. Demichelis, F. Deorsola, T. Tommasi, D. Fino
Close the loop: study of the effect of digestate derived biochar on anaerobic digestion of organic fraction municipal solid waste. – PDFPRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 C.L. Duarte, J. Fradinho, B.S. Ferreira, J.F.B. Pereira, M.A.M Reis
Upcycling microalgae side streams for biopolymers production – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 D. L. Restrepo-Serna, C. A. Cardona-Alzate
A comparison between avocado peel var. Hass and var. Lorena to obtain polyphenolic compounds – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 M. Gaspari, A. Chatzis, E. Orellana, L. Treu, K. Kontogiannopoulos, S. Campanaro, A. Zouboulis, P.G. Kougias
Metagenomic analysis on hydrogen assisted carbon dioxide fixation for biomethane production – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.15 A. Xirostylidou, M. Gaspari, A. Zouboulis, P. G. Kougias
Investigation of the effect of different packing materials on biogas upgrading – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 D. Mladenovic, J. Grbic, A. Djukic-Vukovic, L. Mojovic
Fractionation of corncob biomass towards sustainable valorization in biorefinery processes – PDFPRESENTATION
19.30-19.45 A. Oulkhir, K. Lyamlouli, M. Danouche, R. Benhida
Biosorption of a cationic dye using raw and functionalized Chenopodium quinoa pericarp biomass after saponin glycosides extraction, a sustainable approach to a green, zero waste-management – PDFPRESENTATION
Waste-to-Energy & Energy from Waste I & Anaerobic Digestion
Chair: A.-S. Nizami, S. Kumar, M. Tabatabaei, S. Varjani, A. Bourtsalas
15.00-15.15 T. Qureshi, M. Farooq, A. Nizami, F. Riaz, U. Ali, M.H. Siddiqi
Thermo-Gravimetric Investigation of Biofuel Mix Performance for Renewable Energy Generation – PDF
15.15-15.30 F.C.C. Sacramento, V.M. Zanta, L.M. Queiroz
Effects of climate conditions variation on methane recovery in a municipal solid waste landfill: a Brazilian case study – PDF
15.30-15.45 H. Raclavska, J. Ruzickova, D. Juchelkova, M. Safar, M. Kucbel, B. Svedova, K. Raclavsky, K. Slamova
Torrefaction of spruce biomass under different conditions and characterising the formation of volatiles during thermodegradation – PDF
15.45-16.00 M.A.M. Costa, A.J.D. Souza, B.S. Melo, E. A. Oliveira, L.F. Oliveira, G. Albini, A. Sarti, K.J. Dussan
Energy crisis: the use of biomass as fuel, its emissions and CO2 capture – PDF
16.00-16.15 A.L. Araujo, F.T. Silva, A. Ribeiro, J.B. L. M. Campos, R.M. Pilao
Effect of temperature on the gasification of animal fat: Preliminary results – PDF
16.15-16.30 A.I. Tanase, N. Slavu, C.K. Banica, A. Hadar, C. Dinca
Mobile energy generation system based on biomass waste gasification – PDF
16.30-16.45 J. Skrinsky, L. Niedzwiecki, M. Azam Saeed
Safety Characteristics of Biomass Waste after Gasification Using the 20-L Dust Explosion Vessel – PDF
16.45-17.00 M. Quintero-Naucil, J. Salcedo-Mendoza, V. Aristizabal-Marulanda
Assessment and comparison of thermochemical pathways for the rice residues valorization: pyrolysis and gasification – PDF
17.00-17.15 A. H. Seikh, M. Rezaul Karim, H. Al-Harbi, I. Abdullah Alnaser, J. Ali Mohammed, H. Sayed Abdo, M. Omer Aijaz
Production of Bio-Oil and Biochar from agricultural waste by using Pyrolysis process
17.15-17.30 A. Ayub, D. Habib, M. Ashir Murtaza, A.S. Nizami
Product Space Model analysis of biomass waste utilization for bioenergy and economic growth in different countries – PDF
17.30-17.45 F. Hussain, A. Ahmad, M. Hassan Javed, A.-S. Nizami
Designing of Mixed Municipal Solid Waste Processing Line to Produce Refused Derived Fuel: under Life Cycle Assessment – PDF
17.45-18.00 T. Qureshi, M. Farooq, A. Nizami, F. Riaz, U. Ali, M.H. Siddiqi
Structural Analysis for Developing Organic Waste Biorefinery Model through Integrated Sustainable Approach – PDF
18.00-18.15 M. De Sanctis, V. Guido Altieri, F. Tedeschi, C. Di Iaconi
Comparison among thermal pre-treatments effectiveness in increasing anaerobic digestibility of OFMSW – PDF
18.15-18.30 B. Sampaio de Mello, A. Pozzi, B. C. Gomes Rodrigues, M. A. Martins Costa, A. Sarti
Anaerobic digestion of crude glycerol from biodiesel production for biogas generation: Process optimization and pilot-scale biodigester operation – PDF
18.30-18.45 V.P. Aravani, V.G. Papadakis
Technoeconomic Assessment for the Viable Exploitation of Western Greece’ Biomass Residues by an Innovative Pyrolysis-Anaerobic Digestion Processing Plant – PDF
18.45-19.00 Y. Kabakci, S. Kosar, O. Dogan, F.G. Uctug, O.A. Arikan
Enhancement of methane production by applying electrohydrolysis pretreatment in anaerobic digestion of OFMSW – PDF
19.00-19.15 E. Sobolewska, S. Borowski, P. Nowicka-Krawczyk
The use of solar light for green algae cultivation and liquid digestate treatment – PDF
19.15-19.30 V. Kumar Tyagi, Banafsha Ahmed, A A Kazmi
Insight into thermally enhanced and conductive material-mediated anaerobic codigestion of organic fraction of municipal solid waste – PDF
19.30-19.45 Ying Zhang, Zhi-yuan Bai, Yi-Xin Zhang, Fang Zhang, Wen-Xin Zhang, Yu Lu, Shuai You
Improving the catalytic efficiency and thermostability of GH10 xylanase from Cladophialophora carrionii by rational design – PDF
19.45-20.00 A. Tomar, A. Rajpal, A.A Kazmi, A.K. Goel, V. Tyagi
Onsite wastewater Treatment by Modified Anaerobic Baffled Reactor – PDF

Thursday, 22 June 2023

8.00-9.30 Registration

Keynote Speakers
Chair: K. Moustakas, D. Malamis

Sunita Varjani, City University of Hong Kong & University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India
Food waste-based value-added products and linkages in a circular bioeconomy: Pitfalls and future directions – PDF

Rafael Luque, University of Reggio Calabria
Biowaste valorisation: The waste to wealth concept

Meisam Tabatabaei, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)
The Need for Transition Toward Biorefineries: A Narrative based on The Lancet Countdown 2022 Report On Health And Climate Change

Paschalis Alexandridis, The State University of New York
Valorization of Plastic Waste: Research Advances in Molecular Recycling – PDFPRESENTATION

Giuseppe Mancini, University of Catania
Waste-Water-Energy nexus: a feasible, sustainable approach in climate-change affected Mediterranean regions – PDFPRESENTATION

Marco J. Castaldi, City University of New York
Life cycle and experimental assessment of sustainable thermal processing of waste plastics – PRESENTATION

10.45-11.15 Coffee Break
Anaerobic Digestion I
Chair: D. Bolzonella, D. Fino, G. Antonopoulou
11.15-11.30 Jiachen Sun, Le Zhang, Kai-Chee Loh
Integrated uses of alkali in lignin-first pretreatment and arrested anaerobic digestion for volatile fatty acids from yard waste – PDFPRESENTATION
11.30-11.45 T. Agudelo-Patino, C.A. Cardona Alzate
Prefeasibility analysis of different anaerobic digestion upgrading pathways using organic kitchen food waste as raw material – PDFPRESENTATION
11.45-12.00 A. Maragkaki, N. Papastefanakis, G. Daskalakis, N. Markakis, E. Michalodimitraki, E. Stafilarakis, C. Tsompanidis, T. Manios
Solid anaerobic digestion of pig manure with dry and fresh food waste – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 F. Fazzino, A. Pedulla, A. Gelsomino, M. Pittarello, P. S. Calabro
Effects of carbon-based materials on the anaerobic co-digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and thickened sludge: preliminary result – PDFPRESENTATION
12.15-12.30 F. Demichelis, F. Deorsola, E. Robotti, T. Tommasi, D. Fino
Technical, environmental, and economic evaluation of semi-continuous anaerobic digestion of pre-treated organic fraction municipal solid waste: effect of the organic loading rate on process performance – PDFPRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 J. Bu, Y.W. Tong
Improving anaerobic fermentative performance of food waste by Fe-modified biochar: FeBC synthesis and application in fermentation system – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 P. Stamatopoulou, M. Scarborough
Medium Chain Carboxylic Acids Production from Food Waste – PDFPRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 R.P. Ipiales, A.F. Mohedano, G. Lelli, A. Sarrion, E. Diaz, E. Diaz-Portuondo, M.A. de la Rubia
Valorization of process water from hydrothermal carbonization of biomass waste by UASB reactors – PDFPRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 N. Anusree, P Sughosh, G. L. Sivakumar Babu
Closed landfill as an Anaerobic digester for treating young landfill leachate: Laboratory study – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 S. Tisocco, P. Crosson, X. Zhan
Integration of anaerobic co-digestion into a sustainable livestock farming system – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 I. A. Fotidis, Y. Yan, N.I. Kallikazarou, T. Kotsopoulos, M.G. Antoniou
Biogas and struvite production from animal slurry in a novel pilot-scale reactor – PDF
14.00-14.15 M. Casallas-Ojeda, I. Cabeza, M. Cobo, D. M. Caicedo-Concha, S. Astals
Influence of the addition of dairy cow manure as cosubstrate during the energetic valorization of cheese whey by psychrophilic anaerobic digestion – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 A. Rizzetto, S. Bensaid, R. Pirone, M. Piumetti
Study of ceria-based materials for CO2 capture and their functionalization with ruthenium for methane production – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 A. Rajpal, V. Kumar Tyagi, P. Kumar Mutiyar, A. Ahmad Kazmi
Evaluation of sewage sludge quality and sludge treatment technologies for the reutilization potential in India – PDF
14.45-15.00 K. Chelvam, M.M. Hanafiah
Environmental Performance of Hydrogen Production from Industrial Waste: Towards Circular Economy – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-15.00 Lunch Break
Agricultural Waste Management, Aerobic Treatment
Chair: N. Tzortzakis, A. Witek-Krowiak, P. Rusek
11.15-11.30 Yiying Wang, Chi-Hwa Wang
Plantation of sunflowers in elevated carbon dioxide concentration by the addition of biochar – PDFPRESENTATION
11.30-11.45 H. Stiborova, M. Kracmarova, A. Kodatova, E. Alexova, J. Szakova, P. Tlustos, F. Mercl, K. Demnerova
Evaluation of the effect of different soil amendment additions on changes in the soil ecosystem – PDFPRESENTATION
11.45-12.00 Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation
Survey on behavior of plant protection product users in the Republic of Serbia – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 K. Bampalioutas, D. Tsivas, L. Karaoglanoglou, A. Vlysidis
Techno-economic assessment of an olive mill waste biorefinery at different scales – PDFPRESENTATION
12.15-12.30 A. Lagiou, D. Papanikolaou
Animal byproducts management in poultry slaughterhouses – PDF
12.30-12.45 N. Tzortzakis, C. Goumenos, P. Xylia, A. Chrysargyris
Exploring Medicinal and Aromatic Plant residues after distillation as a peat substitute component in growing media for Sonchus oleraceae production – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 A. Hanc, B. Dume, P. Michal, T. Hrebeckova
The fate of selected pharmaceutical residues during composting of sewage sludge – PDF
13.00-13.15 D. Bosilj, I. Petrovic, N. Hrncic, N. Kaniski
Duration of the biodrying process as a function of the initial moisture content of municipal solid waste – PDFPRESENTATION
13.15-13.30 U. Ryszko, K. Borowik, P. Rusek, D. Kolodynska
Removal of Cd(II) ions from industrial wet phosphoric acid on strongly acidic cation exchangers – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 K. Borowik, P.Rusek, A.Binczak, U. Ryszko
Removing of cadmium ions from wet-process phosphoric acid using precipitation methods – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 P. Rusek, K. Borowik, S. Schab, L.Rusek, U. Ryszko
Technology of obtaining mineral fertilizers with a controlled release rate (CRF) by the coating methods using biodegradable materials – PDFPRESENTATIONPRESENTATION 2
14.00-14.15 S. Schab, P. Rusek
Method and plant for continuous production of granular USP nitrogen and phosphate type fertilizers and products on their basis – PDF
14.15-14.30 M. Mercurio, G. Costa, C. Potena, D. Broglio Montani, A. Carrera, F. Lombardi
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of two different technologies for converting the organic fraction of MSW into compost – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 F.Z. Mesrar, H. Tachallait, K. Bougrin, R. Benhida
Sustainable Dyeing of Wool with Agricultural Waste as Natural Dyes – PDFPRESENTATION
14.45-15.00 N. Solomakou, A. Kyriakoudi, E. Kalfa, K. Kaderides, I. Mourtzinos, A.M. Goula
An holistic approach for the valorization of pomegranate by-products using green methods – PDFPRESENTATION
Waste Valorisation I
Chair: S. Smith, P. Alexandridis, M. Piumetti
11.15-11.30 P. Delgado-Plana, S. Bueno-Rodriguez, L. Perez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada
One-part geopolymers from spent filtering earths using alternative activators from waste glass. An example of circular economy – PDFPRESENTATION
11.30-11.45 A. Fresneda-Cruz, G. Murillo, C. Gonzalez-Nino, I. Julian
Microwave-assisted valorisation of unsortable thermoplastic waste – PDFPRESENTATION
11.45-12.00 N. Striugas, K. Zakarauskas, J. Eimontas, A. Jancauskas
On the gasification of end-of-life plastic waste in an air/oxygen/steam atmosphere – PDF
12.00-12.15 L. Liang, G. Lisak
Effects of plastic-derived carbon dots on germination and growth of pea (Pisum sativum) via seed nano-priming – PDF
12.15-12.30 Crystal C. Y. Ling, Sam F. Y. Li
Synergistic Interactions between Sewage Sludge and Plastics during Co-pyrolysis – PDFPRESENTATION
12.30-12.45 F. Barracco, E. Parisi, G. Pipitone, E. Simone, S. Bensaid, D. Fino
Valorisation of char derived from industrial pyrolysis of mixed plastic waste through methylene blue adsorption – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 J. Lacuesta, N. Tancredi, S. Gutierrez
Valorization of rice husk chars as adsorbent: characterization and utilization in a novel reactor operating mode – PDFPRESENTATION
13.00-13.15 T. Sapmaz, R. Manafi, A. Mahboubi, D. Lorick, D.Y. Koseoglu-Imer, M. Taherzadeh
Application of food waste-derived volatile fatty acids as alternative carbon source for post-denitrification process in municipal wastewater treatment – PDF
13.15-13.30 C. Anagnostopoulou, I. Papachristou, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, P.G. Kougias
Food industry wastewater valorization for microalgae cultivation in microplates – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 B. Singla, P.M. Binder, N. Guerra, L. Diaz-Guerra, R. Vilaplana, A.A Robles, N. Frison, L. Llenas, E. Meers
Assessing phosphorus recovery potential from ashes: incubation studies of different secondary raw materials after multiple combustion processes – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 N. Kamariah, K. Binnemans, J. Spooren
Exploring the Potential Use of Monoethanolamine-Based Lixiviants for Lead Extraction from Zinc Calcine and Zinc Leaching Residue – PDFPRESENTATION
14.00-14.15 M. Zouari, L. Marrot, D. B. Devallance
From misused feedstocks to valuable air purification materials – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 O. Okoligwe, T. Radu, M. Leaper, J.L. Wagner
Valorisation of hydrothermal liquefaction aqueous phase: Process modelling to quantify net energy recovery – PDF
14.30-14.45 S. Nishad, I. Krupa
Recycled Tetra Pak-based PCMs for enhanced photothermal conversion and thermal energy storage – PDFPRESENTATION
14.45-15.00 Barun Kanoo, Anurag Garg
Characterization of the hydrochar and process wastewater recovered after hydrothermal pretreatment of diaper waste – PDF
LIFE CO2toCH4 Launching Event
Chair: A. Antoniadis, P. Kougias, A. Zouboulis, M. Loizidou
11.15-11.30 Μ. Loizidou
What is the concept of modern biorefineries? How we will move fast towards 4th generation biofuels, supporting EU policies? – PRESENTATION
11.30-11.45 A. Antoniadis
What are the main objectives and the scope of the project CO2toCH4? Which are the main activities of PPCR and how are they associated with the project? – PRESENTATION
11.45-12.00 C. Roumpos
Why CO2toCH4 LIFE program is important for PPC?, How is this program associated with the production of CO2? – PRESENTATION
12.00-12.20 A. Zouboulis
What are the main CO2 capture technologies? How can membrane separation be applied for separating CO2 from flue gases? – PRESENTATION
12.20-12.40 P. Kougias
What is the biological CO hydrogenation technology? Where can this technology be applied? What we have been taught from the first year of reactor operation? – PRESENTATION
12.40-13.00 L. Treu
What is microbial resource management? How can we optimize the process by applying microbial resource management? – PRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 P. Papazoglou
The Horizon Europe R&I Framework Programme, with Focus on its WIDERA Schemes (General Introduction & Structure, Funding Mechanisms & Partner Search, Proposal Preparation Tips) – PRESENTATION
Anaerobic Digestion II
Chair: P. G. Kougias, C. Eskicioglu, M.C. Zanetti
15.00-15.15 C. Koutsiantzi, P. Gkotsis, A. Zouboulis, A. Liatsou, E.S. Kikkinides
Upgrading biogas produced via anaerobic digestion from municipal waste into biomethane by 2-stage membrane separation in pilot-scale conditions – PDFPRESENTATION
15.15-15.30 D. Hidalgo, E. Perez-Zapatero, J.M. Martin-Marroquin
Comparative effect of acid and heat inoculum pretreatment on dark fermentative biohydrogen production – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 E. Roslan, J.A. Magdalena, H. Mohamed, A. Akhiar, A.H. Shamsuddin, H. Carrere, E. Trably
Coupling lactic acid fermentation and dark fermentation of food waste for biohydrogen production – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 D. Bertasini, D. Bolzonella, N. Frison, F. Battista
Valorisation of Agricultural residues to produce H2 through Two Stage Anaerobic Digestion process – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 N. Ntavos, E. Papista, A. Lampropoulos, G. Varvoutis, Y. Fallas, E. Terzis, M. Zhurka, C. Tsompanidis, T. Douskas, K. Tsioptsias, A. Grigoropoulos, G.E. Marnellos
Valorization of urban sewage sludge and used cooking oils into bio-H2 or bio-methane alternative transport fuels for municipal garbage trucks – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 C. Nikolaidou, M. Mola, M. Gaspari, N. Monokrousos, V. G. Aschonitis, P.G. Kougias
The effect of digestate on indigenous soil microbial communities and mesofauna diversity and activity – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 D. Hidalgo, E. Perez-Zapatero, J.M. Martin-Marroquin
Enhanced biohydrogen production by dark fermentation using additives – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 A. Cerutti, G. Campo, M.C. Zanetti, G. Scibilia, B. Ruffino
Improving hydrogen biomethanation in a CSTR reactor fed with primary sludge: (preliminary) results of a pilot-scale test – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 P. Postacchini, A. Grimalt-Alemany, P. Ghofrani-Isfahani, L. Menin, I. Angelidaki, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri
Syngas co-digestion with manure: kinetic modelling in a novel framework – PDFPRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 V. Kumar, C. Eskicioglu
Novel bioaugmentation strategy with a syntrophic enrichment for enhanced digestion (SEED) system for maximizing methane yield from municipal sludge – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 J. Meng, S. Wang, X. Zhan
Integration of anaerobic digestion and electrodialysis for methane yield promotion and ammonium in-situ recovery – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 M. Zubrowska-Sudol, K. Sytek-Szmeichel, J. Walczak, A. Garlicka, K. Umiejewska
Analysis of possibilities of obtaining positive energy balance in anaerobic digestion systems with hydrodynamic disintegration – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 M. Adghim, M. Sartaj, N. Abdehagh
Comparing the performance of common ammonia stripping configurations for enhancing the biogas potential of poultry manure – PDFPRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 F. Lombardi, L. Bartolucci, S. Cordiner, V. Mulone, D. Sorino
Numerical analysis to predict bioplastic biodegradation with FORSU in an integrated anaerobic and composting process – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 G.-C. Mitraka, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, A.I Zouboulis, P.G. Kougias
Evaluation of the optimal sewage sludge pre-treatment technology through lab-scale CSTRs – and reliability assessment prior to pilot implementation – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 M.A. Tsitsimpikou, S.D. Kalamaras, C.A. Tzenos, T.A. Kotsopoulos
Autonomous system for remote control of anaerobic CSTR reactors – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.15 O. Sengur, D. Akgul, A. Bayrakdar, B. Calli
Effects of vacuum treatment on anaerobic digestion of chicken manure digestate – PDF
19.15-19.30 I. Kontodimos, C.E. Papadelis, N. Margaritis, P. Grammelis
Valorization of medical plants residues through anaerobic digestion – PDFPRESENTATION
Food Waste Management
Chair: Α. Zorpas, D. Malamis, A. Djukic-Vukovic
15.00-15.15 K.E. Lasaridi, C. Chroni, K. Abeliotis, C. Cicatiello, C. Strotmann, S. Zurbuchen, K. Boikou
Investigating food waste generation and prevention in Greek hotels using an AI technology innovation – PRESENTATION
15.15-15.30 K. Synani, E. Sigala, C. Chroni, K. Abeliotis, K. Lasaridi
Life cycle assessment of selected edible parts of discarded food in Greek households – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 G. Montevecchi, L. Miron, A. Aragón Gutiérrez, L.I. Macavei, G. Benassi, E. Zanelli, Luke Mizzi, S. D’Arco, P. Albaladejo Sánchez, G. Bruggeman, M. Thomas, L. Maistrello, A. Antonelli
The black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens L.) strategy within “SCALIBUR – Scalable technologies for bio-urban waste recovery” H2020 project – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 V. Savary, S. Costa, M. Donner, C. Duquennoi
New circular business models for urban solid biowaste valorisation – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 A. Kunszabo, G. Kasza, D. Szakos, J. Oláh, J. Popp, Z. Lakner, A. Dorkó, M. Süth
Possibilities to reduce household food waste based on consumers’ opinions in the light of the SDGs – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 Al. Kavrakos, C. Kypraios, M. Kavrakos
System development for the separate collection of biowaste and waste producer identication services for the purpose of producing soil conditioners – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 S. Pradhan, H. R. Mackey, T. A. Al-Ansari, G. McKay
Application of pistachio shell biochar with organic cow manure for sustainable agriculture practice – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 D. San Martin, J. Ibarruri, A. Garcia-Rodriguez, I. Goiri, R. Atxaerandio, A. Uribesalgo, J. Zufía, E. Sáez de Cámara, B. Iñarra
Biorefinery of coffee by-products to obtain a feed ingredient and briquettes as energy source – PDFPRESENTATIONPRESENTATION 2
17.00-17.15 M. Wzorek, E. Yilmaz, R. Junga, H. Unyay, S. Szufa
Pretreatment of spent coffee grounds for biofuels production – PDF
17.15-17.30 N. Solomakou, A. Drosaki, M. Jonuzi, A.M. Goula
Improving the recovery of phenolic compounds recovery from olive mill wastewater by using activated spent coffee grounds – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 S. Christaki, N. Solomakou, A. Kyriakoudi, K. Kaderides, A.M. Goula, I. Mourtzinos
Valorization of peach (Prunus persica L.) by-products using green methods – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 D. San Martin, J. Ibarruri, N. Luengo, J. Ferrer, A. Garcia-Rodriguez, I. Goiri, R. Atxaerandio, J. Zufía, E. Sáez de Cámara, B. Iñarra
Biorefinery of grape stem to obtain a sugar-rich liquor for food applications and an ingredient for animal feed – PDF
18.00-18.15 M.A. Suárez, E. Gambuzzi, E. Vogiatzidaki, E. Skourtanioti
Urban biowaste valorisation – What is the menu? The H2020 HOOP project’s state-of-the-art – PDFPRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 F. Chatzimaliakas, D. Christianides, D. Malamis, E.M. Barampouti, S. Mai
Turning urban biowaste in bioethanol in pilot scale – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 D. Āriņa, I. Teibe, R. Bendere, L. Jākobsone
The household bio-waste management: a case study of Latvia – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 K. Koutsoumanis, O. Misiou
Climate change is expected to increase food waste due to spoilage of non-refrigerated foods: Use of risk assessment to identify mitigation strategies – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.15 K. A. Sarrion, J.R.V. Flora, R. Goel, L. Liu, E. Diaz, A.F. Mohedano, N.D. Berge
Hydrothermal Carbonization of food waste: Influence of food waste composition and carbonization conditions on hydrochar for application in soils – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 K.K. Razman, M.M. Hanaah
Environmental Performance of Waste-to-Energy in Promoting Sustainable Food Waste Management – PDFPRESENTATION
Waste Valorization II
Chair: K. Moustakas, C. Dias-Ferreira, Ν. Frison
15.00-15.15 G. Pesante, N. Frison
Fish feed production from pure culture PHA-rich microbial proteins obtained from agricultural residues – PDF
15.15-15.30 L. Lorini, L. Giordani, L. Gianni, B. Matturro, M. Petrangeli Papini
A Sustainable Approach For TCE Contaminated Groundwater Remediation: Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from waste as Electron Donor for biological reductive dechlorination – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 Jiachen Sun, Kai-Chee Loh
Lignin valorization to polyhydroxyalkanoates assisted by adding volatile fatty acids – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 H. Pérez-Aguilar, M. Lacruz-Asaro, F. Arán-Ais
Protein recovery from animal by-products in tannery and rendering industries for biostimulant applications in agriculture – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 A. Maragkaki, F. Galliou, E. Diafonidi, K. Kalaitzaki, Ν. Bounakis, T. Manios
System Development for the Collection and Transport of Agricultural and Agro-Industrial Residues for Animal Feed Production – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 K. Chojnacka, M. Samoraj
Anaerobic Digestate-Based Fertilizers in Agriculture: Benets, Limitations, and Future Prospects – A Comprehensive Review – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 F.B. Dilek, E. M. Barampouti, S. Mai, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, D.S. Martin, U. Yetis
Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Valorizing Orange Peels Waste in Animal Feed Production – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 Α. D. Zentelis, N. Kotrotsos, D. P. Zagklis, V. Sygouni, F. N. Lamari, C.A. Paraskeva
Isolation of high-added-value products from grape marc of the plant Vitis vinifera L. – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 J. P. Souza, H. M. Fogarin, S. G. C. Almeida, B. C. S. Santos, D. D. V. Silva, K. J. Dussán
Co-production of ethanol and xylitol from sugarcane hemicellulose hydrolysate by yeasts isolated from the Atlantic Forest and the Brazilian Amazon Forest – PDFPRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 H. A. F. Rahmy, S. Nour El-Deen, F. Mohamed Abosamra, A. Saied Mohamed Korayem
Fermentation strategies for the valorizations of Olive cake to improve their nutritional value in Broiler’s feeds – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 S.G.C. Almeida, J. P. Souza, H.M. Fogarin, B. V. Franca, K J. Dussán
Growth characterization of adapted Rhodosporidium toruloides in sugarcane biomass hemicellulosic hydrolysate – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 E. Rrucaj, G. Ferrari, G. Pataro
Optimization of Pulsed Electric Fields-Assisted Extraction of phenolic compounds from sweet cherry press cake using Response Surface Methodology – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 C. Bald, M. Lavilla, C. Abaroa, X. Aboitiz, G. Díez, B. Iñarra
Inactivation of Anisakis simplex in hake viscera by acid autolysis – PDFPRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 C.E. Orrego Alzate, S.L. Murillo-Franco, J.D. Galvis-Nieto
Açaí seeds as a source of prebiotics (mannan oligosaccharides) – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 A. Zamboi, S. Fraterrigo Garofalo, T. Tommasi, D. Fino
Optimization of Ultrasounds Assisted Extraction of pectin from cladodes of Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Mill using Response Surface Methodology – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 N.P. Arias, J.J Hoyos-Sebá, J. Hernández-Ruydiaz, J. Salcedo-Mendoza, C.A Cardona
Nonconventional characterization of cow manure: Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and X-Ray diffraction analysis – PDF
19.00-19.15 A. Bounaga, M. Danouche, R. Boulif, R. Benhida, Y. Zeroual, K. Lyamlouli
Microbial transformations by sulfur bacteria can recover value from Phosphogypsum: Sulfate bio-reduction from phosphogypsum leachates and sulfur biorecovery – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 R.P. Ipiales, A. Sarrion, E. Díaz, E. Díaz-Portuondo, M.A. de la Rubia, A.F. Mohedano
Scale-up the production of swine manure hydrochar in a continuous pilot plant – PDFPRESENTATION
LIFE Networking Session
Chair: N. Psimmenos, S. Papageorgiou
15.00-15.20 1st part – LIFE Programme

G. Protopapas, National Contact Point Environment, Director Green Fund
N. Psimmenos, Climate Change officer, Greek Life Task Force plus, Green Fund – PRESENTATION
– The Life Programme and the 4 sub-programmes
– 2023 LIFE Programme Call

15.20-15.30 Concluding remarks / questions and answers
15.30-16.30 2nd Part – Industry & circular economy round table

Moderation: Sophia Papageorgiou, LIFE Program External Monitoring Team, ELMEN EEIG & Indicative LIFE projects present their contribution to the implementation of the European Circular Economy Policy. Discussion about the direct impact of the actions on the environment and the economy, the experience of the stakeholders from the implementation of the projects, faced challenges and mainly, created, opportunities

K. Lasaridi, Professor, Harokopio University
LIFE IP CEI Greece – Circular Economy Implementation in Greece & Waste Prevention actions for the priority streams of WEEE and food waste, in the LIFE REWEEE and LIFE IP CEI Greece projects – PRESENTATION

J. Constantinidou, Senior Environment Officer, Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus, LIFE IP Cyprus, LIFE IP CYZERO WASTE – PRESENTATION

M. Loizidou, NTUA Professor, Water Circular Economy

P. Gikas, Professor, School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete LIFE B2E4Sustainable WWTP – PRESENTATION

F. Corona, Foundation CARTIF
Low energy treatment technology for leachate valorization – LIFE LEACHLESS – PRESENTATION

M. Kyriazi, Senior Engineer, UEST-NTUA
Demonstration of an innovative method for the detoxification of pharmaceutical wastewater from pharmaceutical facilities – LIFE PHARMA-DETOX – PRESENTATION

Concluding remarks / questions and answers

16.30-17.30 3rd Part – Agriculture – Circular Economy & Climate Change

Moderation: Sophia Papageorgiou, LIFE Program External Monitoring Team, ELMEN EEIG & Nikos Psimmenos, Green Fund

Presentation of good practices on circular economy and climate change from beneficiaries, having implemented projects in the agricultural sector

N. Kourgialas, Associate Researcher – Institute of Olive Tree, Subtropical Crops & Viticulture (IOSV) / ELGO DIMITRA, Head – Water Resources, Irrigation & Env. Geoinformatics Lab
Good Agricultural Practices as a Result of Applied Research to Ensure Sustainable Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Change Through Eficient Water Use – PRESENTATION

Thr. Manios, Professor, Department of Agriculture, Hellenic Mediterranean University
LIFE -Food for Feed: An Innovative Process for Transforming Hotels Food Wastes into Animal Feed – PRESENTATION

S. Sotiraki, DVM, PhD, EBVS European Specialist in Veterinary Parasitology, Research Director ELGO-DIMITRA, Coordinator LIFE MiCliFeed
Feeding Ruminants against Climatic Change – LIFE MiCliFeed – PRESENTATION

I. Spanos Ioannis, Chemical Engineer NTUA, TERRA NOVA Ltd.
Integrating the circularity of waste in the primary sector: synergies between LIFE IP CEI and LIFE MiCliFeed – PRESENTATION

D. Malamis, Senior Researcher, NTUA
A circular economy system for multi-source biomass conversion to added value products – LIFE CIRCforBIO project – PRESENTATION

Concluding remarks / questions and answers

17.30-18.00 Networking between the participants of the Session

Friday, 23 June 2023

Waste-to-Energy & Energy from Waste II
Chair: M.Loizidou, M. Baratieri, M. Castaldi, E. Voutsas, C.S. Psomopoulos
08.45-09.00 K. Kalkanis, A. Bourtsalas, C. Chroni, N.J. Themelis, C.S. Psomopoulos
Waste-to-Energy global status. Technologies and perspectives in times of transition and climate crisis – PDF
09.00-09.15 G. Mancini, L. Lombardi, A. Luciano, D. Bolzonella, L. Gurreri, D. Fino
Waste-Water-Energy nexus: a feasible, sustainable approach in climate-change affected Mediterranean regions – PRESENTATION
09.15-09.30 D. Panepinto, MC. Zanetti
Municipal Solid Waste thermal treatment – An overview on the environmental aspects – PDFPRESENTATION
09.30-09.45 L. Cretarola, G. Mazzolari, E. De Lena, M. Spinelli, M. Gatti, F. Viganò
Carbon capture for Energy-from-Waste plants: comparison of three appliable technologies – PDFPRESENTATION
09.45-10.00 N. D. Williams, B. M. Williams, J. Ballard, K. D. Farris
Selection of waste to energy technology for demonstration project – PRESENTATION
10.00-10.15 W. Meynendonckx, M. Ishteva, J. De Greef
Controllability of HCl and SO2 release in a grate-fired Waste-to-Energy furnace – PDFPRESENTATION
10.15-10.30 D. Liakos, G. Altiparmaki, K. Moustakas, S. Malamis, S. Vakalis
Assessing the products and thermodynamic transitions of hydrothermal treatment of anaerobic sludge – PRESENTATION
10.30-10.45 D. Antolini, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri
Experiences on fuel flexibility of small-scale biomass gasification systems – PDFPRESENTATION
10.45-11.00 M. C. Garcia-Vallejo, C. A. Cardona Alzate
Prefeasibility analysis of biomass gasification and electrolysis for hydrogen production – PDFPRESENTATION
11.00-11.15 R. Borooah, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri
Modeling gasification of forest residues using deep learning algorithms – PDF
11.15-11.30 I. Adeyemi, M. Badawi, H. Khan, I. Janajreh
Entrained Flow Gasification of Solid Waste and Coal Mixture – PDFPRESENTATION
11.30-11.45 R. Pan, G. Debenest
Optimal conditions determination for plastic wastes valorization using pyrolysis in a semi batch reactor – PDFPRESENTATION
11.45-12.00 V.E. Messerle, A.B. Ustimenko, O.A. Lavrichshev, M.N. Orynbasar
Plasma processing of waste from the woodworking industry: numerical analysis and experiment – PDFPRESENTATION
12.00-12.15 J. Eimontas, N. Striugas, K. Zakarauskas, A. Jancauskas, L. Vorotinskiene
Catalytical seaweed pyrolysis over ZSM-5 and Y-Type catalysts under the different temperature for the gathered products analysis – PDFPRESENTATION
12.15-12.30 M. Alonso, B. Ledesma, M. Olivares, S. Román
In-situ capture of degradation HTC products. Influence on hydrochar properties – PDF
12.30-12.45 D. Liakos, L. Chrysikou, S. Tzouratzoglou, V.M. Vasdekis, S. Bezergianni
Catering wastes conversion to bio-crude oil via hydrothermal liquefaction – PDFPRESENTATION
12.45-13.00 N. D. Williams, B. Max Williams, J. Ballard, K. D. Farris
Evaluation of higher heating value of RDF for waste to energy facilities
13.00-13.15 K. Tsimaras
An approach on the potential of implementation of Hydrogen technologies and its utilisation – PDF
13.15-13.30 C. Keumala Banaget, G. Reza Check, I. A. Watson
Combustion kinetics of char product derived from torrefaction of Miscanthus pellets with different operational conditions – PDFPRESENTATION
13.30-13.45 A. Dimitriadis, S. Bezergianni, N. Tourlakidis, G. Meletidis
Engine fuels production via hydrotreatment of hydrothermal liquefaction biocrude oil and pyrolysis bio-oil – PDFPRESENTATION
13.45-14.00 M. Zeppilli, L. Cristiani, C. Marandola, M. Villano
Microbial Electrolysis Cell (MEC) for biofuel production from organic waste – PDF
14.00-14.15 V. Benedetti, L. Menin, S. Piazzi, D. Antolini, M. Kollmer, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri
Thermal energy, fillers and pigments from wood packaging waste – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-14.30 J. Cespiva, J. Skrinský
Production efficiency and safety assessment of the solid waste-derived liquid hydrocarbons – PDFPRESENTATION
14.30-14.45 Shekhar Jyoti Pathak, Prabu V.
Thermal treatment of the High ash Coal with Electronic Waste plastics and characterization of the co-liquefied oil – PDFPRESENTATION
14.45-15.00 R. Vilasrao Mankhair, M. K. Chandel
Characterization of combustible fraction of legacy waste: exploring the impact of landfill depth and quantifying energy recovery potential – PDFPRESENTATION
14.15-15.00 Lunch Break
The H2020 WaysTUP! project
Chair: A. Milukas, M. Tsantakis, M. Loizidou
9.00-9.15 Representative of the WaysTUP! Project, Representative of the Organising Committee of CHANIA 2023 Welcome
9.15-9.30 A. Milukas – Head of Unit B3 “Biodiversity, Circular Economy and Environment” at the European Research Executive Agency
EU funding opportunities for the bioeconomy
9.30-9.45 F. Ample
The WaysTUP! Project (the project scope, partners, and journey)
9.45-10.00 A. Xirou
Assessment of European biowaste management
V. Mañez
The role of biowaste in the circular economy
10.00-10.30 M. Lattore
The URBIOFIN Project – Demonstration of an integrated innovative biorefinery for the transformation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into new BioBased productsD. Malamis
The CIRCforBIO Project – A circular economy system for multi-source biomass conversion to added value products.M. Angel
The HOOP project – Vitalise Europe’s Urban Bioeconomy
10.30-11.30 F. Ample, S. Mai, E. Barampouti, M. Lattore, M. Lilli, N. Nikolaidis, G. Anzelmo, S. Rojo
End products and new value chains from urban biowaste (Brief pilots’ presentation)
11.30-12.00 Coffee Break
12.00-12.15 S. Mai, E. Barampouti
WaysTUP! Learning Workshop: Sharing lessons learnt of the NTUA pilot
12.15-12.45 Learning Workshop Open Discussion
12.45-13.00 A. Sotiropoulos
The WaysTUP! EU level policy recommendations
13.00-13.15 C. Papadaskalopoulou
Environmental assessment of innovative value chains for biowaste valorization
13.15-13.30 J. Mastilovic
WaysTUP! ways towards commercialization
13.30-13.45 L. Temmerman
A behavioral change approach for the collection of urban biowaste and usage of biowaste derived products with citizens and communities
13.45-14.15 Bioeconomy, the cities’ experience in waste management

N. Maneta
The experience in Athens’ municipalities

G. Sanchez
The Barcelona Metropolitan Area experience



Recycling & Resource Recovery
Chair: P. Champagne, J. Dosta, F. Battista, S. Mai
09.00-09.15 J. Almeida, C. Pires, A.B. Ribeiro
Electrodialytic recovery of lithium from secondary mining resources with lepidolite – PDF
09.15-09.30 J. Ait Brahim, A. Merroune, R. Boulif, R. Beniazza
Recycling of phosphogypsum: Recovery of rare earth elements and production of high-added value products – PDF
09.30-09.45 D. Fila, D. Kołodynska, Z. Hubicki
An effcient and renewable natural bead-type adsorbent for critical raw material recovery – PDF
09.45-10.00 S. R. Yashas, E. B. Ruck, Y. Gendel
Capacitive-faradaic fuel cells: a novel method for recovery of metals from end-of-life photovoltaic panels – PDF
10.00-10.15 M.A. Al-Ghouti, M. Khan
Microwave-assisted leaching technique as a novel technique for metal recovery from municipal solid waste (bottom and fly ashes) – PDF
10.15-10.30 T. Neves, V. Sousa, J.A. Bogas, A. Carriço
Carbon emissions from producing an eco-clinker from concrete waste – PDF
10.30-10.45 S.K. Antiohos, J. Marinos, K. Xynou, P. Megagianni, P. Papadeas
Recycling index determination for SRF co-processed in the cement industry – PDF
10.45-11.00 Ch. Kouris
Utilization of secondary raw materials and fuels in the cement industry: The road to net zero
11.00-11.15 P. Fröhlich, L. Blaesing, M. Bertau
Approaches for chromium recovery from leather processing residues – PDF
11.15-11.30 P. Guedes, E. P. Mateus, A. N. Alshawabkeh, A. B. Ribeiro
Assessment of the ultrasound assisted electrodialytic separation of cobalt from tungsten carbide scrap powder – PDF
11.30-11.45 L.M Ottosen, N.M. Sigvardsen
Cr leaching from wood fly ashes before and after hydration/carbonation – PDF
11.45-12.00 A.K. Ram, S. Mohanty
Assessment of engineering behaviour of coal ash for wider application in Civil engineering – PDF
12.00-12.15 Chang Hua Hsieh, Minh Man Trinh, Yi Fu Chen, Jyun Jie Liao, Moo Been Chang
Effectiveness of Applying Sewage Sludge to Inhibit PCDD/F Formation in Thermal Treatment of Fly Ash – PDF
12.15-12.30 S. Plakantonaki, N. Zacharopoulos, K. Kiskira, I. Chronis, V. Belessi, D. Bilalis, G. Priniotakis
Valorisation of industrial food waste to produce pulp for the textile industry – PDF
12.30-12.45 S. Sehnemt, G. Airton da Silveira, P. Veiga
Desmaterialization: looking for the system and implications for sustainability – PDF
12.45-13.00 H. Zhang, W.T. Chen, Y.S. Pei
Preparation of one-part geopolymers for heavy metal immobilization from waste leachate concentrate – PDF
13.00-13.15 M. Kraft, P. Fröhlich, M. Bertau
Brick-based geopolymer building materials – 100 % secondary raw material based and recyclable – PDF
13.15-13.30 M. Novotný, M. Markovic, J. Racek, M. Šipka, T. Chorazy, P. Hlavínek
Effect of recycled organic materials on the substrate properties of green roofs: A field study – PDF
13.30-13.45 A. Fresneda-Cruz, J. Castillo, G. Murillo-Ciordia, I. Lanz, M. Blecua, M. Figueirêdo, I. Julián
Microwave-assisted recycling of wind blade waste for glass fibers recovery and resin valorisation – PDF
13.45-14.00 G. Hafner
Method development for the provision of basic data for material and substance flow analyses in solid waste management – PDF
14.00-14.15 Shuhan Liu, Chengxuan Xin, Xiaonan Tang, Jianli Hao
Zero waste and pro-environmental behaviour at campus level: A study of college students’ attitudes and behaviours in Suzhou – PDF
14.15-14.30 Hongtao Zhang, K. El Kadi, I. Janajreh
Eutectic Freezing for Multiple Salt Recovery – A Sustainable Brine Management Approach – PDF
14.30-14.45 C. Hoffmann Sampaio, B. Grigore Cazacliu, W. Monteiro Ambrós, M. André Kronbauer, R. M. C. Tubino, D. C. C. Dal Molin, J. Oliva Moncunill, G. L. Miltzarek, R. P. Waskow, Viviane L. G. dos Santos, J. Luis Cortina
Recycling of demolished concretes as coarse aggregate – PDF
Chair: S. Fiore, T.Y. Wu, M. Kumar Awasthi, G. Labuto, C.T. Lee
8.00-8.15 Thanh-Khiet L. Bui, Kieu Lan Phuong Nguyen, Tran Thi Mai Phuong, Tran Thi Diem Thuy,
Nguyen Van Nghia
Daily accumulation of marine litter in clam aquaculture area in Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City – PDF
8.15-8.30 L. Nastasi, S. Fiore
Critical review of sustainable remanufacturing among different sectors – PDF
8.30-8.45 S. Gupta, K. K. Pant, G. Corder
Selective Recovery of Cobalt from Spent Lithium-Ion Batteries using Green Deep Eutectic Solvent – PDF
8.45-9.00 M. Bruno, C. Francia, S. Fiore
Preliminary tests aimed at the recycling of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cathodes – PDF
9.00-9.15 P.S.S. Camargo, G. G. O. Torres, J. A. S. Pacheco, M. P. Cenci, H.M. Veit
Physical Method for the Recycling of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Cells – PDF
9.15-9.30 A. Paspalas, M. Lasithiotakis, P. Sinioros
Characterization and recycling possibilities of hazardous materials from waste management of electrical and electronic medical equipment – PDF
9.30-9.45 V. Rahimi, E. Inzulza-Moraga, D. Gómez-Díaz, M.S. Freire, J. González-Álvarez
Screening of variables affecting the selective leaching of valuable metals from waste mother boards PCBs – PDF
9.45-10.00 I.-Ef. Parigoridi, El. Tsoumani, K. Akrida-Demertzi, P. G. Demertzis
Determination of nitrogen-containing organic compounds, found as colorants residues, in commercially available recycled cartons intended for food contact applications – PDF
10.00-10.15 L. M. Eraso, O. Cuaspud, M. Arias
Optimization of xylitol production through Candida Tropicalis in xylose hydrolysate from rice husk – PDF
10.15-10.30 G. Bonifazi, R. Gasbarrone, R. Palmieri, S. Serranti
End-of-life textile characterization by short-wave infrared spectroscopy – PDF
10.30-10.45 M. Kucbel, H. Raclavská, J. Růžičková, M. Šafář, B. Švédová, D. Juchelková, K. Slamová
Environmental Impact Assessment of the Coal Yard and Ambient Pollution – PDF
10.45-11.00 H. Brťková, H. Raclavská, J. Růžičková, M. Šafář, M. Kucbel, D. Juchelková, B. Švédová, K. Slamová
Options to reduce the content of microplastics in composts made from urban greenery – PDF
11.00-11.15 A. Anic Vucinic, M. Vlaic, I. Presecki
Management of food waste on cruise ships – PDF
11.15-11.30 A. L. Pereira, M. T. Santos, A. Rodrigues
On-campus composting for food waste and garden waste – PDF
11.30-11.45 Yu-Fan Zhan, Zhuo-Hao Meng, Shuai You, Lu-Chan Gong, Cgeng-Hai Yan, Jun Wang
Synthesis of enzymatically modified isoquercitrin by double enzyme cascade catalysed conversion of mulberry flavonoid glycosides – PDF
11.45-12.00 A. Lamarca Urzedo, G. Tuono Martins Xavier, R. da Silva Nunes, P. Sérgio Fadini, W. Alves Carvalho
Phosphorus recovery from wastewater using TechPhos® and its potential application as fertilizer – PDF
12.00-12.15 M. Daghan Erden, O. Ozcan, N. Ates, N. Uzal
The impact of draw solution type on the phosphate recovery from municipal wastewater using forward osmosis – PDF
12.15-12.30 M.E. Silva, R. Saetta, R. Raimondo, I.P. Brás
Forest waste biomass valorisation: Effect of mixed materials and operational management in the compost quality – PDF
12.30-12.45 Fang-Hui Chen, Yu-Lu Yang, Yu-Fan Zhan, Lu-Chan Gong, Cgeng-Hai Yan, Jun Wang
Nanoparticles TiO2 Promote the Biofilm Formation of Escherichia coli – PDF
12.45-13.00 Xuan Zhu, Wen-Xin Zhang, Richard Ansah Herman, Shuai You, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang
Construction and immobilization of thermostable protease mutants for juice clarification – PDF
13.00-13.15 L. J. Valencia-Hernández, J. E. Wong-Paz, J. A. Ascacio-Valdés, M. L. Chávez-González, C. N. Aguilar
Enzymatic treatment for Fungal biodegradation of procyanidins extracted from coffee-pulp waste – PDF
13.15-13.30 F. Rizzioli, F. Battista, D. Bolzonella
A biorefinery case study based on the valorization of Opuntia Ficus Indica for biofuels and
bio-compounds productions – PDF
13.30-13.45 M. Cebrián, A. García, P. Jauregi, J. Ibarruri, J. Zufía
Improved Biorefinery Scheme for Winery Grape Pomace By-products – PDF
13.45-14.00 Zhi-Ang Zhang, Zi-Xuan Yuan, Kamila Tuhong, Lu-Can Gong, Jun Wang
Methyl jasmonate modulates metabolism of mulberry leaves:
Effects on saccharides and phenols content – PDF
14.00-14.15 J. C. Cruz Gómez, D. F. Torres Pazos, M. M. Durán Rincón, J. Salcedo-Mendoza, V. Aristizábal-Marulanda
Comparison of processing lines to transform agro-industrial avocado residues into bioproducts and bioenergy – PDF
14.15-14.30 J.Y. Méndez-Carmona, K.N. Ramírez-Guzmán, J.A. Ascacio-Valdés, L. Sepulveda, J. Sandoval-Cortés, C.N. Aguilar
Evaluation of the pretreatment of tomato waste as support for the recovery of carotenoids through Solid-State Fermentation Assisted Extraction (SSFAE) – PDF
14.30-14.45 Cheng-Hai Yan, Yu-Lu Yang, Fang-Hui Chen, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang
Enhancement of enzymatic transformation of mulberry flavonoid glycosides by surface display of covalent isopeptide bond – PDF
14.45-15.00 Yu Lu, Yi-xin Zhang, Wen-xin Zhang, Xuan Zhu, Fang Zhang, Shuai You, Jun Wang
Improving the thermostability of Penicillium amagasakiense glucose oxidase based on molecular modification to replace feeding antibiotics – PDF
Chair: Μ. Koutinas, F. Patuzzi, S. Vakalis
15.00-15.15 M. Koutinas, M. Kyriakou, A. Ioannou, M. Christodoulou, V. Fotopoulos
Transcriptional responses of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to environmental stresses during bioethanol production using biochar-based biocatalysts – PDFPRESENTATION
15.15-15.30 K. M. Roldán, J. Bautista-Giménez, J.R. Vázquez, A. Seco, J. Ribes
LIFE Zero Waste Water: exploring the joint management of bio-waste and wastewater – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 I. J. Calle Mendoza, M. A. Gorritty Portillo, N. Ferronato, V. Torretta
Non-recyclable cellulosic waste briquettes consumption in Andean areas: assessment of social acceptance and potential applications – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 G. Izydorczyk, K. Trzaska, K. Chojnacka
From waste to table: assessing the biological efficacy of fertilizers derived from anaerobic digestate – PDFPRESENTATION
16.00-16.15 M. Samoraj, K. Trzaska, D. Skrzypczak, K. Chojnacka
Conversion technology of anaerobic digestates from biogas plants to fertilizer formulation – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 P. Castellani, N. Ferronato, J. Barbieri, V. Torretta
Scaling up sustainable practices. Replicability of waste circular actions from Lacor Hospital to Gulu City (Uganda) – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 G. Noriega-Hevia, A. González-Míguez, A. Mayor, L. Rodríguez-Hernández, C.M. Castro-Barros
Smart fertiliser production from nitrogen recovery process – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 A. Witek-Krowiak, D. Lale, K. Mikula, M. Samoraj, K. Chojnacka
Development of innovative micronutrient fertilizers by biosorption techniques – PDF
17.00-17.15 Yong Wei Tiong, Jie Bu, Pooja Sharma, Yen Wah Tong
Closing the circle for urban food waste anaerobic digestion: The use of digestate as fertilizer for tomato plant cultivation – PDFPRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 L.Tarraran, J. Baker, J. Millard, N. S. Vasile, N.P. Minton, C. F. Pirri, D. Fino, G. Saracco
Infuence of acetate concentration on acetone production by a modifed Acetobacterium woodii – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 A. De Espindola, P. Dutournié, A. Ponche
Impact of processing stresses on enzymatic activity of lysozyme – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 Huilin Li, Lisbeth M. Ottosen
Electroosmotic dewatering of lake sediments for lakes restoration – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 M.González-Ingelmo, P. Álvarez, M. Granda, V. G. Rocha, Z. González, U. Sierra, A. Mercado, S.Fernandez, R. Menéndez
Graphene materials from coke-like wastes as proactive support of nickel-iron electrocatalysts for water splitting – PDFPRESENTATION
18.15-18.30 F. Corona, S. Sanz-Bedate, E. Pérez-Zapatero, D. Hidalgo, J.M. Martín-Marroquín
Nutrient recovery from industrial waste water using microbial fuel cell technologies – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 V. Proskynitopoulou, P. Dimopoulos, A. Vourros, I. Garagounis, S. Lorentzou, K. Plakas, P. Kougias, A. Zouboulis, K.D. Panopoulos
Treatment of anaerobically digested pig manure with membrane processes for nutrient recovery and antibiotics removal – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 A. Natsia, H. Papapostolou, A. Papadaki, N. Kopsahelis
Developing added-value food products from hempseeds: fractionation, characterization and novel protein-based edible films formation – PDF
19.00-19.15 I. Julian, E. Wallin, M. Vendt, L. Ventura, S. Ascaso, R. Fornell, M. Gomez-Perez
Techno-economic assessment of Industrial Symbiosis interactions based on Mass Flow Cost
Accounting methodology coupled with cost/benefit analysis – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 M.Gonzalez-Ingelmo, P. Alvarez, M. Granda, V. G. Rocha, Z. Gonzalez, U. Sierra, A. Mercado, S.Fernandez, R. Menendez, A. Eizaguerri, M.V. Jimenez, J.J. Perez Torrente, J. Blasco, G. Subias
Sustainable production of graphene-anchored NHC-iridium catalyst for water splitting by using coke-like wastes: Investigation of different chemical synthetic routes – PDFPRESENTATION
19.00-19.45 Closing Session with the active participation of chair persons
Poster award ceremony –
Announcement of the place for the 2024 11th International Conference on Sustainable
Solid Waste Management
Marine Litter, Plastic & Bioplastics
Chair: Chr. Argirusis, J. Van Caneghem, E. Barampouti
15.00-15.15 E. Lagkadinou, C. Kontogiorgi
Sea cleaning activities and waste management in ports, PPA’s case study – PDFPRESENTATION
15.15-15.30 M. Tsakona, I. Rucevska, B. Wermter
Questioning the sustainability of voluntary plastic waste initiatives: the case of Indonesia – PDFPRESENTATION
15.30-15.45 Y. D. Hernandez-Charpak, A.M. Mozrall, T.A Trabold, C.A. Diaz
Biochar as a sustainable alternative to carbon black in agricultural mulch films – PDFPRESENTATION
15.45-16.00 D. Briassoulis
Agricultural plastics as a potential threat of soil pollution by microplastics – PDF
16.00-16.15 I. Bernabé, E. Amarilla, L. Calleja, M.U. de la Orden, J. Martínez Urreaga, F.R. Beltrán
Effect of accelerated ageing and mechanical recycling on the structure and properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) formulations – PDFPRESENTATION
16.15-16.30 I. Bernabé Vírseda, F.R Beltrán, M.U de la Orden, J. Martínez Urreaga
Solid-state polymerization on degraded PHBV: A cheap and effective alternative for biopolymer revalorization – PDFPRESENTATION
16.30-16.45 J.P. Gracia, C.E. Montenegro, A. Espinoza, N. C. Moreno, I.O. Cabeza
Extraction and purification of a polyhydroxyalkanoate-type biopolymer obtained from volatile fatty acids of mixed cultures and B. Cepacia – PDFPRESENTATION
16.45-17.00 E. Syranidou, A. Nicodemou, F. Pyrilli, A. Fountoulakis, N. Kalogerakis, M. Koutinas
Exploitation of microbial consortia and mixed cultures with microalgal species for the treatment of bioplastics – PDFPRESENTATION
17.00-17.15 J. Van Caneghem, A. Verstegen
Functional classification and material characterization of plastic packaging in land litter to support effective reduction policies – PDFPRESENTATION
17.15-17.30 Yiying Wang, Chi-Hwa Wang
Synthesis of carbon nanotube-biochar composites by plastic pyrolysis and biomass gasifcation – PDFPRESENTATION
17.30-17.45 R. Tomczak-Wandzel, B. Szatkowska
Bioplastics – a new threat or industrial synthesis? – PDFPRESENTATION
17.45-18.00 H. Stipanovic, G. Koinig, A. Tischberger-Aldrian
Method development for fast classifcation of waste plastic multilayer polyolefin films using near-infrared (NIR) handheld spectrometer – PDFPRESENTATION
18.00-18.15 D. Alimpoumpa, I. K. Lappa, A. Papadaki, N. Kopsahelis
Development of edible films as protective carriers of a novel Lacticaseibacillus paracasei strain isolated from Kefalonian feta-type cheese – PDF
18.15-18.30 G. Sourkouni, M. Nenadovic, V. Jankovic, Ch. Kalogirou, O. Höfft, D. Rajasekaran, P. Pandis, R. Padamati, J. Nikodinovic-Runic, Chr. Argirusis
Valorization of degradation products stemming enzymatic and model-compost degradation of pre-treated PLA by advanced oxidation processes to bacterial nanocellulose – PDFPRESENTATION
18.30-18.45 U. Bassey, A. Bowles, G. Fowler, A.-O. Tom, G. Beck, S. Narra, M. Nelles, M. Hartmann
Experimental investigation of products from thermal treatment of real-world mixed single-use and multilayered waste plastics – PDFPRESENTATION
18.45-19.00 K. Yapsakli, T. Sari, D. Akgul, B. Mertoglu
Long-term effects of microplastics polymers on Anammox process
19.00-19.15 M. Kulp, O.-S. Salm, E. Solomina, T. Lukk
Non-destructive spectroscopy combined with chemometrics as a tool for Green Chemical Analysis of lignocellulose – PDFPRESENTATION
19.15-19.30 I. Papamichael, I. Voukkali, P. Loizia, M. Stylianou, A.A. Zorpas
An analysis of consumer behaviour in relation to circular fashion: A Cyprus case study – PDFPRESENTATION
19.30-19.45 I. Julian, E. Wallin, M. Vendt, L. Ventura, S. Ascaso, R. Fornell, M. Gomez-Perez
Techno-economic assessment of Industrial Symbiosis interactions based on Mass Flow Cost Accounting methodology coupled with cost/benefit analysis – PDF
19.45-20.00 M.González-Ingelmo, P. Álvarez, M. Granda, V. G. Rocha, Z. González, U. Sierra, A. Mercado, S.Fernandez, R. Menéndez, A. Eizaguerri, M.V. Jiménez, J.J. Pérez Torrente, J. Blasco, G. Subias
Sustainable production of graphene-anchored NHC-iridium catalyst for water splitting by using coke-like wastes: Investigation of different chemical synthetic routes – PDF
Carbon & Water Footprint, Energy Eciency and Energy Saving Potential in Industry, Hazardous Waste, WEEE
Chair:K.Moustakas, G. Mancini, F. Lombardi
15.00-15.15 D. Allouss, K. O. Ogoula Igouwe, E. I. Achouri, N. Abatzoglou
Cu-loaded biochar derived from pyrolysis of contaminated Panicum virgatum: Encapsulation and Use for the removal of phenolic compounds from wastewater – PDF
15.15-15.30 P. Izak, M. Z. Ahmad, V. Fila
CO2 separation of fluorinated 6FDA-based polyimides, performance- improved ZIFincorporated mixed matrix membranes and gas permeability model evaluations – PDF
15.30-15.45 T. Abichou, J. Del’Angel, J. Gethers, K. Stamatiou, N. Bel Hadj Ali, R. Green
Estimation of Landll Surface Methane Emissions Using Geospatial Approach Combined with Measured Surface Ambient Air Methane Concentrations – PDF
15.45-16.00 P. Dutournié, M. Zbaïr, S. Bennici
Thermochemical heat storage: system integration for building heating – PDF
16.00-16.15 G. Campo, A. Cerutti, B. Runo, M.C. Zanetti
Improving the treatment train of a liquid waste treatment plant: actions’ assessment – PDF
16.15-16.30 V.K. Firris, S.D. Kalamaras, G. Kefalas, T.A. Kotsopoulos
The eect of climate change on dairy cattle behaviour in a cow barn in North Greece and possible effects on energy consumption – PDF
16.30-16.45 L. Cuenca, J.M. Rodríguez-Rego, L. Mendoza-Cerezo, V. Montes, S. Román
Electrode production from an energy crop (miscanthus) carbonization – PDF
16.45-17.00 J. Bacenetti, M. Costantini, M. Guarino
Comparison of abatement solutions for particulate matter and ammonia in pig farming – PDF
17.00-17.15 E. Elia, M. Stylianou, A. Agapiou
VOCs emitted by indoor building materials – PDF
17.15-17.30 M. Stylianou, C. Samanides, I. Vyrides, A. Agapiou
Use of pretreatment methods to enhance Biodesulfurization effciency – PDF
17.30-17.45 Κ. Boikou, C. Chroni, E. Sigala, K, Abeliotis, K.E. Lasaridi
Packrat or Environmentally conscious? The case of Greek mobile phone owners’ behaviour
17.45-18.00 W. Hyk, M. Adamowska, M. Muszyńska
Upcycling of electronic scrap towards the production of matrixless metal nanoparticle systems – PDF
18.00-18.15 I.S. Lase, J. Dewulf, K. Ragaert, S. De Meester
Multivariate input-output analysis model to better estimate of future plastic waste generation: Case study of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) – PDF
18.15-18.30 Zhiqin Ni, Qiaodi Zhang, Xiangrong Liu
Break the dilemma: Toward a better understanding of China’s e-waste reverse logistics implementation barriers from a certified disassembler’s perspective – PDF
18.30-18.45 D.I. Akano, E. Iacovidou, J. Malinauskaite, N. Rawkins, D. Williams
The ease of replacing components of electronic products: A systematic literature review and case study – PDF
18.45-19.00 A. Preetam, S. N. Naik, K. K. Pant, V. Kumar
A Feasible and Eco-friendly Process for the Treatment of Waste Random Accesses Memory as E-waste – PDF
19.00-19.45 Closing Session with the active participation of chair persons
Poster award ceremony
Announcement of the place for the 2024 11th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management
Tools for waste management, Recycling & Resources Recovery
Chair: L.M. Queiroz, D. Juchelková, V. Kumar Tyagi, C. N. Aguilar
15.00-15.15 A. Vannahme
An Analysis of Existing and Emerging Deposit Return System (DRS) Models in the USA – PDF
15.15-15.30 A. Ahmad, M. Hassan Javed, F. Hussain, A.-S. Nizami
Efficient and Cost-effective Food Waste Compost Production through Life Cycle Assessment Approach – PDF
15.30-15.45 A. Hublin, H. Malbaša, D. Stanec Svedrovic, M. Jerman Vranić
Sustainable waste management in Croatia: Using Life Cycle Assessment to achieve a circular economy – PDF
15.45-16.00 N. Uzal, B. Uzal, F.B. Dilek, Y.N. Serdaroglu, O. Ozcan, S. Gulcimen, Z.N. Simsek, M. Ecer, Y. Kesimal, O. Albayrak, F. Selimoglu, S. Atay, H. Dogru, O. Ulutas, Z. Aki, O.C. Savas, U. Yetis
Developing the environmental label criteria for the Turkish Environmental Labelling System for powder and liquid laundry detergents using a life cycle assessment approach – PDF
16.00-16.15 I. Orlandella, S. Fiore
Overview of Life Cycle Assessment studies on agricultural waste management – PDF
16.15-16.30 F. Economou, I. Papamichael, I. Voukkali, P. Loizia, T. Rodríguez-Espinosa, J. Navarro-Pedreño, A.A. Zorpas
Starting from the eld: Environmental impact of potato production in Cyprus through an LCA approach – PDF
16.30-16.45 B. Uzal, N. Uzal, F.B. Dilek, S. Gulcimen, Z.N. Simsek, O. Ozcan, M. Ecer, Y. Kesimal, O. Albayrak, F. Selimoglu, S. Atay, H. Dogru, O. Ulutas, Z. Aki, O.C. Savas, U. Yetis
Life cycle assessment of oat glass products for the determination of environmental label criteria: the role of cullet usage – PDF
16.45-17.00 G. Baizhan, D. Shah, C. Venetis, Y. Sarbassov
The use of LCA method to assess environmental impact of the current method of disposal of sewage sludge versus incineration method – PDF
17.00-17.15 L. Gurreri G. Mancini, A. Luciano, M. Calanni Rindina, L. Falqui, D. Fino
Life cycle inventory of microalgae production in a real industrial plant – PDF
17.15-17.30 M. Hassan Javed, F. Hussain, A. Ahmad, A.-S. Nizami
Sustainable Management of Construction and Demolition Waste to Achieve Zero Waste and Circular Economy – PDF
17.30-17.45 S.W. Yu, J.L. Hao, X. Tang, L. Di Sarno
Enhancing circular economy through digital technology adoption in renovation waste management based on the theory of planned behaviour – PDF
17.45-18.00 Fan Zhang, A. Cannone Falchetto, Di Wang, L. Korkiala-Tanttu
Substituting aggregates with hot braised steel slag (HBSS) to improve the self-healing properties of asphalt mixtures for sustainable pavement – PDF
18.00-18.15 A. Kumar Prabhakar, P. Krishnan, S. Siew-Chen Lee, Chin Sing Lim, A. Dixit, B. Cadiam Mohan, Jia Heng Teoh, Sze Dai Pang, D. C W Tsang, S. Lay-Ming Teo, Chi-Hwa Wang
Sewage sludge ash-based mortar as construction material: Mechanical studies, macrofouling, and marine toxicity
18.15-18.30 B. Pada Bose, M. Kumar Mondal, Pratik Raj
Comprehensive Use of Coalmine Overburden Waste in Construction Materials – PDF
18.30-18.45 F. Perales, E. Gallego, N. Aguasca, R. Domínguez
Determination of emission factors from a landll through an inverse methodology: experimental determination of ambient air concentrations and use of numerical modelling – PDF
18.45-19.00 Thanh-Khiet L. Bui, Thu-Trang T. Nguyen, Ngan-Ha Ha, Kieu Lan Phuong Nguyen
Toward a circular economy for better municipal solid waste management in Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City
19.00-19.15 R. Lo Coco, F. Battista, D. Bolzonella, N. Frison
Recovery of bio-based volatile fatty acids by pertraction techniques from wastewater using green solvents – PDF
19.15-19.30 Zheng Li, Paula Istvan, Ravid Rosenzweig, Faina Gelman, Zeev Ronen
The impact of biostimulation on the indigenous microbial communities in oil-contaminated desert soils in southern Israel – PDF
19.30-19.45 A. Elwattar, A. El-Gendy, E. Shaban
Greywater Treatment using Integrated Sand filtration and Ultrafiltration for Reuse – PDF

Conference Place Address

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