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001 Energy Crop Summer Rape (B. napus L.) Phytoremediation Potential at Different Soil Moisture Content I. Kniuipytė, J. Žaltauskaitė, A. Dikšaitytė, M. Praspaliauskas, N. Pedišius Abstract / Full paper Poster
002 Influence of the temperature of anaerobic fermentation on sewage sludge dewatering M. Hyrycz, M. Ochowiak, M. Pielach, A. Krupińska Abstract / Full paper Poster
003 Seasonality in sewage sludge dewatering M. Hyrycz, M. Ochowiak, M. Pielach, A. Krupińska Abstract / Full paper Poster
004 Unlocking the potential of treated wastewater reuse: The case study
of Lisbon
I. Meireles, V. Sousa, A.P. Falcão, A.B. Gonçalves Abstract / Full paper Poster
006 The potential of by-products from chokeberry processing – development of a sustainable method of
upcycling fruit processing waste
A. Piekara1, M. Krzywonos2, A. Błaszczyk3, S. Sady3, B. Pachołek4, S. Popek5, J. Syguła-Cholewińska
5, T. Sawoszczuk5, A. Kaczmarek6 1Department of Bioprocess Engineering, Wroclaw University of
Economics and Business, Wroclaw, 53-345 Poland 2Department of Process Management, Wroclaw University
of Economics and Business, Wroclaw, 53-345 Poland 3Department of Natural Science and Quality
Assurance, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poznan 61-875 Poland 4Department of Product
Marketing, Institute of Marketing, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poznan 61-875 Poland
5Institute of Quality and Product Management Sciences, Krakow University of Economics, Cracow,
31-510 Poland 6Student Scientific Association NEXUS, Department of Natural Science and Quality
Assurance, Institute of Quality Science, Poznan University of Economics and Business, Poznan 61-875,
Abstract / Full paper Poster
007 Rheological properties of selected polyelectrolyte aqueous solutions for dewatering sewage sludge A. Krupińska, M. Ochowiak, M. Hyrycz, S. Włodarczak, M. Matuszak Abstract / Full paper Poster
008 Modified Melamine Foams for Oil/Water separation Sarah Hailan, Patrik Sobolciak, Peter Kasak, Anton Popelka, Samer Adham, Igor Krupa Abstract / Full paper Poster
009 Utilisation of ethylene glycol- based deep eutectic solvent for enhancing cellulose enzymatic
digestibility of vine shoot biomass
A. Duque, I. Higueras, R. Iglesias, P. Manzanares Abstract / Full paper Poster
011 Repair and recycling of PCBs and their components considering energy consumption N.M. Manousakis, C.S. Psomopoulos Abstract / Full paper Poster
012 Sedimentation tanks used in water treatment: modifications, tests and future directions of
scientific research
M. Matuszak, A. Krupińska, M. Ochowiak, S. Włodarczak Abstract / Full paper Poster
019 Gene abundance of bacterial nitrifiers and denitrifiers in sewage sludge treated with clay minerals
and biochar
C. Orfanidou, A. Balidakis, I. Ypsilanti\’s, T. Matsi Abstract / Full paper Poster
020 Obtaining high value-added bioproducts from a by-product of the coffee production chain K.J. Dussán, H.M. Fogarin, D.K.S. Oliveira and D.D.V. Silva. Abstract / Full paper Poster
023 A Study on Application of Hydrothermal Carbonization by Organic Waste Mixing and Energy Evaluation
of Bio-coal as a Solid Fuel
Jai-Young Lee and Hye-Won Park Abstract / Full paper Poster
024 Food waste hydrochar and biochar as soil amendments: Effect of hydrochar post-treatments E. Suárez, M. Tobajas, L. Martínez-Sánchez, E. Esteban, M. Reguera, A.F. Mohedano, M.A. de la Rubia Abstract / Full paper Poster
025 Plasma assisted bio-degradation of poly-lactic acid (PLA) G. Sourkouni, Ch. Kalogirou, N. Papadimitriou, M. Nenadovic, M. Ponjavic, N. Argirusis, P. Pandis,
D. Rajasekaran, R. Padamati, A. Ferraro, J. Nikodinovic-Runic, and Chr. Argirusis
Abstract / Full paper Poster
026 Development of dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) atmospheric plasma reactors for degradation of
gaseous, liquid, and solid waste
Nikolaos Argirusis, Georgia Sourkouni, Maria Argirusi, Pavlos Pandis, and Christos Argirusis Abstract / Full paper Poster
027 Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of grape by-products extracts: sustainable use and
valorization of winery by-products
A. Silva1-4, V. Silva1-4, A. Aires7, R. Carvalho8, G. Igrejas2,3,4, V. Falco9, and P. Poeta1,2,5,6 Abstract / Full paper Poster
028 Sustainable green carbon production from solid biomass residues: the Alps4GreenC project R. Borooah, V. Benedetti, E. Carlon, F. Patuzzi, M. Baratieri Abstract / Full paper Poster
029 Microbial oil and carotenoid production by oleaginous yeast using vegetable and urban waste M. Gallego-García, A.D. Moreno, A. González, I. Ballesteros, M.J. Negro. Abstract / Full paper Poster
030 Optimal Design of Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management Framework Multi-criteria:
Environmental and Socio-economic Analysis Using LCA, in KSA
A. Alahmary1, X. Yan1 1 Environment and Sustainability Institute & Engineering Department, Faculty
of Environment, Science and Economy, University of Exeter, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 9FE, UK
Abstract / Full paper Poster
031 Removal of reactive dye from wastewaters by adsorption onto aluminium modified activated carbon Athanasia K. Tolkou, Eleftheria Tsoutsa, Ioannis A. Katsoyiannis, George Z. Kyzas Abstract / Full paper Poster
032 Optimization of the biogas upgrading process with CO2 recovery using membrane contactors at pilot
J.M. Martín-Marroquín1,2, D. Hidalgo1,2, S. Bedate1, F. Nieto1,2,3 1.- CARTIF Technology Centre,
Circular Economy Area, Boecillo (Valladolid), 47151, Spain 2- ITAP, University of Valladolid, Paseo
del Cauce, 59 – 47011 Valladolid, Spain 3- Mechanical Engineering Department, University of
Valladolid, Paseo del Cauce, 59 – 47011 Valladolid
Abstract / Full paper Poster
033 Proposals for good practices in implementing the principles of the circular economy Ruxandra Ionce Abstract / Full paper Poster
034 An assessment of the water footprint of the population and agricultural crops in the Natura 2000
site ROSCI0434 Siretul Mijlociu, Romania
Nicoleta-Nona Ardeleanu Abstract / Full paper Poster
036 Recovery of metals from printed circuit boards by Goldrec 1 process N.M. Ippolito, M. Passadoro, G. Pellei, F. Ferella, F. Vegliò Abstract / Full paper Poster
037 Pilot scale biomethanation system for capturing and utilization of CO2 from exhaust gases K. N. Kontogiannopoulos, A. Antoniadis, C. Roumpos, P.G. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
039 Adsorption of phenolics isolated from agricultural byproducts on solid
M. Kodjapashis, D. P. Zagklis, V. Sygouni, C.A. Paraskeva Abstract / Full paper Poster
040 Modelling and analysis of green energy production from sewage sludge using Aspen Plus Praveen Kumar Vidyarthi Mohd Aksar Pratham Arora Abstract / Full paper Poster
041 EFFECT OF INORGANIC AND ORGANIC SOIL AMENDMENTS ON MAIZE BIOMASS PRODUCTIVITY Tomasz Głąb, Renata Jarosz, Krzysztof Gondek, Monika Mierzwa–Hersztek Abstract / Full paper Poster
042 Increasing soil organic matter after application of mineral-organic mixture as an action to prevent
climate change
Renata Jarosz, Joanna Kowalska, Monika Mierzwa-Hersztek Abstract / Full paper Poster
043 Hydrothermal Pretreatment of sugar beet residues targeting sugars production Dimitrios Liakos Konstantinos Triantafyllidis Nikolaos Tourlakidis Christos Kekes Stella Bezergianni Abstract / Full paper Poster
045 Assessing the environmental merits of added-value commodities yielded via hydrolysis of municipal
biowaste in agricultural and biochemical applications
M. Koutinas, M. Christodoulou, M. Kallis, P. Photiou, E. Montoneri, N. Tzortzakis Abstract / Full paper Poster
046 Waste from the chemical industry of the Luhansk region is a source of critical raw materials O Korchuganova, V Mokhonko, K Kanarova, A Novikova, R Luque Abstract / Full paper Poster
047 End-of-Life Electric Vehicle Lithium-Ion Batteries: Physical Methods for the Recycling P.S.S. Camargo, J. V. Bender, N. M. Gräff, A. R. B. Franco, H.M. Veit. Abstract / Full paper Poster
048 Utilization of Sporosarcina pasteurii for microbially induced calcite precipitation in recycling
waste concrete fines
Klikova Kristyna, Holecek Petr, Nezerka Vaclav, Prosek Zdenek, Konakova Dana, Demnerova Katerina,
Stiborova Hana
Abstract / Full paper Poster
050 Factors driving organic matter building in degraded soils rehabilitated by organic waste addition
under semiarid climate
T. Hernandez, M.D. Coll, C. Garcia Abstract / Full paper Poster
051 Development of an ecological process for the preservation of rawhides using gamma radiations Maria Stanca, Gabriela Elena Ionita, Carmen Gaidau, Ioana Stanculescu, Traian Zaharescu Abstract / Full paper Poster
052 Gelatin based gels used as biostimulators for tomato crop Maria Stanca, Carmen Gaidau, Cosmin Andrei Alexe, Rodica Roxana Constantinescu, Daniela Balan,
Gabriela Luta, Antoaneta Mihalcea
Abstract / Full paper Poster
053 Prospection of cellulolytic fungi from compost samples of saturated equine bedding Ana Gabriela C.R. Nascimento Alessandra M. de Paula Jader G. Busato Samia G. da Silva Antônio
Raphael Texeira Neto
Abstract / Full paper Poster
054 Circular economy in municipal organic waste management: process evaluation and quality of the
composts obtained in a decentralized composting plant
C. Álvarez-Alonso, M. D. Pérez-Murcia, I. Irigoien, M. López, E. Martínez-Sabater, S.
Sánchez-Méndez, E. Agulló1, R. Moral and M. A. Bustamante
Abstract / Full paper Poster
055 PolFerAsh – sustainable technology for phosphorus recovery K. Gorazda, H. Kominko, B.Tarko, Z. Wzorek Abstract / Full paper Poster
056 Production and characterization of carbonaceous materials derived from shrimp by-products I. Fotodimas, A. Zapantioti, Z. Ioannou, D. Sarris, G. Kanlis Abstract / Full paper Poster
057 Removal of organic compounds using carbonaceous materials derived from sea urchin by-products A. Zapantioti, I. Fotodimas, Z. Ioannou, D. Sarris, G. Kanlis Abstract / Full paper Poster
058 Enhancement of starch hydrolysis bioprocesses via immobilization of Aspergillus niger and
Aspergillus awamori on carbonaceous materials
Patsalou M., Konstantinou R., Koutinas M. Abstract / Full paper Poster
059 Converting of animal-derived protein waste into new biomaterials in a circular economy concept M. Râpă, C. Gaidău Liliana Mititelu-Tartau, Andrei Constantin Berbecaru, Ecaterina Matei, Cristian
Abstract / Full paper Poster
061 Recycling of plastic tube shelters: characterization of the degradation and contamination I. Bernabé, S. Rivera, C. Perou, F.R. Beltrán, M.U. de la Orden, E. Blázquez-Blázquez, M. L.
Cerrada, J. Martínez Urreaga.
Abstract / Full paper Poster
062 Hydrogen Production from Catalytic Gasification of Waste Wood Polymer Composite Using Di¬fferent
Low-Cost Catalysts
Jihyeon Seo, Sugyeong Jeon, Haneul Shim, Dongwon Chang, Suhyeong Chai, Yong Jun Choi, Sangchul Lee,
Myung Won Seo, Young-Kwon Park
Abstract / Full paper Poster
063 Production of value added olefins from catalytic pyrolysis of waste plastic straw Hyunjin Kim, Hyoseuk Yim, Seungjae Lee, Sangchul Lee, Yong Jun Choi, Myung Won Seo, Young-Kwon Park Abstract / Full paper Poster
064 Characterization of polypropylene waste and its potential valorisation M. Râpă, E. Matei, A.M. Predescu, C. Predescu, A.C. Berbecaru, G. Coman Abstract / Full paper Poster
Dr Aiman Kemelzhanova Prof., DrSc Gulmira Yar-Mukhamedova Prof., DrSc Kanat Mukasev As. Prof., DrSc
Abyl Muradov Dr Rustem Atchibayev
Abstract / Full paper Poster
067 Transformation of Olive Mill Stone Waste, Walnut Shell and their mixtures into proteinaceous animal
feed via solid state fermentation
Christos Eliopoulos, Giorgos Markou, Ioanna Langousi, Eleni Kougia, Patra Sourri, Anastasia Liatiri,
Dimitrios Arapoglou
Abstract / Full paper Poster
068 Post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gases emitted by fossil fuel-fired powered plants P. Gkotsis, E. Peleka and A. Zouboulis Abstract / Full paper Poster
071 Anaerobic phenol degradation via adsorption on conductive materials based on walnut shells A.I Ntelopoulou, M. Alexandropoulou, C.A. Aggelopoulos, G. Antonopoulou Abstract / Full paper Poster
072 Microplastics in the snow of the north-western Italian Alps: analysis of distribution and typology C. Galletti, S. Fraterrigo Garofalo, F. Borgogno, D. Fino Abstract / Full paper Poster
074 Detection of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli and Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) from farm
slurry in Portugal
A. Silva1, A.S. Soares 2*, C. Miranda4, V. Silva1, Oliveira, S1, H. Trindade5, G. Igrejas3,6, A.C.
Coelho2, P. Poeta1,2,3
Abstract / Full paper Poster
075 Wild mushroom extracts in the fight against canine pyoderma Silva V. 1-4, Nunes M. 1, Igrejas G. 2-4, Pereira T.1, Aires A. 5, Carvalho R. 6, Barros L. 7, Poeta
P. 1,8,9
Abstract / Full paper Poster
076 3rd Generation green fuels via hydrogenation of microalgae oil A. Dimitriadis, L.P. Chrysikou, S. Bezergianni Abstract / Full paper Poster
077 Overview of plastic waste flows in Mozambique L.S. dos Muchangos Abstract / Full paper Poster
078 Effective removal of volatile organic compounds released from industrial tanks in petrochemical
Byeong-Kyu Lee, Mee Seon Yu Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., University of Ulsan, Daehakro 93,
Namgu, Ulsan 44610, Korea
Abstract / Full paper Poster
080 Bio-based materials processed from protein waste for circular technologies development in the
leather industry
C.Gaidau, M.Rapa, M.Stanca, S.Tonea, M.D. Berechet, C.A. Alexe Abstract / Full paper Poster
081 Effect of ammonia concentration and pH on anaerobic butyric acid degradation X. Shi, J. Meng, S. Wang, X. Zhan Abstract / Full paper Poster
083 Bio-chemical treatment of landfill leachates with high load of organic and nitrogen compounds Ophir Zisman1, Ariel Kushmaro2 , Asher Brenner1 1Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, 2Dept.
of Biotechnology Engineering Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,
Abstract / Full paper Poster
085 Activated carbons derived from wasted coffee grounds and olive stones as highly porous materials for
air pollutants adsorption
Natalia Czerwińska1, Chiara Giosue1, Maria Bernardo2, Ines Matos2, Maria Letizia Ruello1 Abstract / Full paper Poster
086 Evaluation of the Integrated Waste Management Plan in the Administrative Unit of Larissa.
Investigation of the impact on soil degradation in the studied area
Ε. Koulotsiou and E. E. Golia Abstract / Full paper Poster
087 The management of agrozootechnical waste in mountain areas, A study case for the Suceava County,
Oniu Liliana, Ionce Anca Abstract / Full paper Poster
088 Exploitation of waste hydrolysate from poultry industry for growth of
microorganisms with potential of carbonate precipitation
H. Stiborova, K. Klikova, V. Nezerka, K. Demnerova Abstract / Full paper Poster
091 Using fire extinguisher powder to grow leafy vegetables. Myths and realities. E.E. Golia, G. Benardos, Ι. Tsigka, N. Kiatikidis, V. Diakoloukas Abstract / Full paper Poster
092 Use of machine learning methods to study the availability of nutrients and the distribution of toxic
metals in agricultural Mediterranean soils
E.E. Golia, G. Benardos, V. Diakoloukas Abstract / Full paper Poster
Danh H. Vu, Amir Mahboubi, Andrew Root, Ivo Heinmaa, Mohammad J. Taherzadeh, Dan Åkesson Abstract / Full paper Poster
094 The potential of Waste-to-Energy Plant in Central Macedonia in the Context of Circular Economy D. Geroliolios, M. Batsioula, S. Skoutida, L. Melas, C. Karkanias, A. Malamakis, S. Patsios, G. F.
Banias and N. Mousiopoulos
Abstract / Full paper Poster
095 Asbestos and disasters – example of a country in transition B. Zoraja, Z. Mirosavljevic, B. Tot, S. Vujovic Abstract / Full paper Poster
097 Multivariate analysis of pharmaceutical pollutants adsorption in aqueous media with tailored
waste-based carbonaceous adsorbent materials and commercial activated carbons
J. Lladó, F. López, J.M. Rossell, C. Lao-Luque, R.R. Gil, E. Fuente, B. Ruiz Abstract / Full paper Poster
098 Global to local marine litter prevention through Community Mobilization on Source Separation of
Solid Waste at Households level in the island city of Port Blair, India
Aviral Saxena*, Carla Nadal Rossitto**, Vaishali Nandan*** Abstract / Full paper Poster
099 Effects of bio-based microplastics on plants and earthworms in the microcosm experiments Ewa Liwarska-Bizukojc Abstract / Full paper Poster
102 Microalgae biorefinery: an integrated approach towards sustainable biofuels production Loukia P. Chrysikou, Stella Bezergianni, Vasiliki Dagonikou Abstract / Full paper Poster
103 Effect of addition of spent oil filtering earths on electric arc furnace slag alkaline activated
P. Delgado-Plana P.L. Quesada-Lirio S. Bueno-Rodríguez P.J. Sánchez-Soto D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
103 103-Effect of addition of spent oil filtering earths on electric arc furnace slag alkaline activated
P. Delgado-Plana P.L. Quesada-Lirio S. Bueno-Rodríguez P.J. Sánchez-Soto D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
104 Synthesis of sodium waterglass from spent diatomaceous earth as an activator to produce copper slag
alkali-activated cements.
A. Muñoz-Castillo, S. Bueno-Rodríguez, L. Pérez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
105 Progress and challenges in valorisation of biomass waste from ornamental trees pruning through
pyrolysis processes. Prospects in the bioenergy sector
L. Taboada-Ruiz, R. Pardo, B. Ruiz, M. Díaz-Somoano, L.F. Calvo, S. Paniagua, E. Fuente Abstract / Full paper Poster
106 The role of cerium in the development of perovskite oxides as electrodes for the direct use of
biogas in solid oxide fuel cells
Melodj Dosa, Nadia Grifasi, Alessandro Monteverde, Andrea Felli, Marta Boaro, Angela Malara,
Elisabetta Di Bartolomeo and Marco Piumetti
Abstract / Full paper Poster
107 Strategies of recovery sample sugar from textile waste in agreement with the circular economy
Francesca Stella, Francesca Demichelis, Silvia Fraterrigo Garofalo, Marco Piumetti, Fabio Alessandro
Deorsola, Debora Fino
Abstract / Full paper Poster
108 Identification and characterization of Estonian wood using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy combined with
multivariate analysis
Olivia-Stella Salm, Tiit Lukk, Maria Kulp Abstract / Full paper Poster
109 Novel mixtures of bioactive compounds from Black Sea sources of fish skin and green seaweed with
wound healing properties
Alexandra Gaspar-Pintiliescu, Andreea Iosageanu, Viorica Coroiu, Otilia Zarnescu, Oana Craciunescu Abstract / Full paper Poster
110 Common nettle processing residues as a valuable source of antioxidants M. Mladenović, M. Bogdanović, D. Mladenović, A. Djukić-Vuković, L. Mojović University of Belgrade
Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Abstract / Full paper Poster
111 Long-term operation of flocculation assisted direct ceramic microfiltration for up-concentration of
municipal wastewater
Ozlem Ozcan, Erkan Sahinkaya, Nigmet. Uzal Abstract / Full paper Poster
112 Characterisation of Organosolv Lignins Isolated from Different Biomasses Evelin Solomina, Tiit Lukk, Maria Kulp Abstract / Full paper Poster
114 Valorization of organic waste from primary sector through composting: an example of sustainable
C. Álvarez-Alonso, M.D. Pérez-Murcia, E. Martínez-Sabater, A. García-Randez, C. Gómez, V. Blay, L.
Orden, S. Sánchez-Méndez, I. Irigoien, M. López, Raúl Moral, M.A. Bustamante
Abstract / Full paper Poster
115 Upcycling food waste and agrifood byproducts into animal feed and organic fertilizer using insects:
creating awareness and technical know-how in Greece
A. Yarali Paisios1, E. Paisios1, D. Kotouzas2, D. Kontodimas2, P. Milonas2, C.I. Rumbos3, C.G.
Athanassiou3, T. Manios4 1. Magma-Agro S.A., Greece; 2. Benaki Phytopathological Institute, Greece;
3. University of Thessaly, Greece; 4. Hellenic Mediterranean University, Heraklion, Greece.
Abstract / Full paper Poster
116 Activated carbons derived from biocollagenic wastes of vegetable tanning from the leather industry.
Prospects as adsorbent for H2S removal
B. Ruiz, Alba Cabrera-Codony, R.R. Gil, C. Canals Batlle, Maria J. Martín, E. Fuente Abstract / Full paper Poster
117 Optimization of alginate recovery from activated sludge for waste sludge valorization A. Cydzik-Kwiatkowska, M. Florczyk, S. Ciesielski, M. Komorowska-Kaufman, W. Pomian, M.
Budych-Górzna, P. Oleśkowicz-Popiel
Abstract / Full paper Poster
118 Esterification: A feasible approach to improve structural properties of organosolv lignin Tran T.Ho, Tiit Lukk, Maria Kulp Abstract / Full paper Poster
119 Development and characterization of fish gelatin films incorporated with rhubarb extracts. Surya Sudheer, Anu Kisand and Rajeev Bhatt Abstract / Full paper Poster
120 Segregation of batteries from pyrolyzed entire smartphones by means of density separation Marcelo Pilotto Cenci Fernanda Machado João Lucas Hansen Priscila Silva Silveira Camargo Bernd
Friedrich Hugo Marcelo Veit
Abstract / Full paper Poster
121 Biowaste recovery by co-composting. Limiting factors of the process and agronomic final product
A. García-Rández1, L. Orden1,2, V. Blay1, F.J. Andreu-Rodríguez1, J.A. Sáez-Tovar1, S. Sánchez
Méndez1, E. Martínez Sabater1, E. Agulló1, M.D. Pérez-Murcia1, M.A. Bustamante1, R. Moral1
Abstract / Full paper Poster
122 Greenhouse gas emissions assessment in composting from biostabilized municipal solid waste A. García-Rández1, L. Orden1,2, V. Blay1, F.J. Andreu-Rodríguez1, M. Torres1, J.A. Sáez-Tovar1, S.
Sánchez Méndez1, E. Martínez Sabater1, E. Agulló1, M.D. Pérez-Murcia1, M.A. Bustamante1, R. Moral1.
Abstract / Full paper Poster
123 Olive-mill and grape-mill waste adding’s may affect the growth of grapevines young cuttings Antonios Chrysargyris1, Stavros Louka1, Giannis Neofytou1, Vassilios Litskas2, Nikolaos
Abstract / Full paper Poster
124 Added-value biorefinery products from invasive brown seaweed Rugulopteryx okamuare. A kinetic
C. Agabo1, P. Fernández-Medina1, C.J. Álvarez-GallegoJ.C.1, I. Caro1, A. Blandino1 Abstract / Full paper Poster
125 High purity copper production from spent Li-ion batteries anode current collector Arpad Imre-Lucaci, Ana-Maria Cormos, Florica Imre-Lucaci, Szabolcs Fogarasi, Melinda Fogarasi Abstract / Full paper Poster
126 Modulation of external factors to improve the efficiency conversion of isoquercitrin by amylosucrase
from Deinococcus geothermal conversion of isoquercitrin
Zhuo-Hao Meng1, Yu-Fan Zhan1, Cheng-Hai Yan1, Shuai You1, 2, Lu-Chan Gong1, 2, Jun Wang1, 2, * Abstract / Full paper Poster
127 Effect of mulberry leaf powder content on plant-based simulated meat under different moisture Zhan-Peng Zhang, Zi-Xuan Yuan, Kamila Tuhong, Zhi-Ang Zhang, Lu-Can Gong, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
128 Study on the preparation of xylooligosaccharidesby deep eutectic solvent enhanced aqueous two-phase
xylanasecatalytic reaction separation coupling system
Liu Yang , Shi Can-yang, Shuai You, Gong Lu-chan, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
129 A new embedding wall material prepared by silkworm pupa protein-polyphenol complex and its
Lu Tan, Cheng-Kun Wu, Shuai You, Lu-Chan Gong, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
130 Silkworm pupa globulin promoted the liquid fermentation of Cordyceps militaris to produce cordycepin Hao-Tian Yao, Yi-Tong Li , Lu-Chan Gong, Fu-An Wu, Jun Wang Abstract / Full paper Poster
131 Membrane filtration for the recovery of polyphenols from distillery stillage M. Zielińska, W. Mikucka, K. Bułkowska, M. Miętkiewicz Abstract / Full paper Poster
133 Magnetic activated carbons from biomass wastes from the food industry. Strategies in the bioenergy
S. Rodríguez-Sánchez, B. Ruiz, D. Martínez-Blanco, P. Gorria, J.F. Marco, I. Suárez-Ruiz, E. Fuente Abstract / Full paper Poster
134 Determination of the slag\’s suitability from hazardous waste incineration for the production of
composites for construction
P. Radomski, A. Żaba, Z. Wzorek, H. Kominko, M. Rajtar, J. Szpak, A.K. Nowak Abstract / Full paper Poster
135 Utilization of agri-livestock by-products and biomass residues as co-substrates for the biogas
production through anaerobic co-digestion in batch mode
G. Sismani, C. Nikolaidou, M. Gaspari, P.G. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
137 Rented, second hand or new? Pro-circular clothing behaviours in Lithuania R. Dagiliūtė, U. Zarankaitė, I. Kniuipytė Abstract / Full paper Poster
138 Biohydrogen production from Jerusalem artichoke and bakery waste during dark fermentation K. Bułkowska, W. Gączewska, K. Świątek, T. Pokój, B. Dubis Abstract / Full paper Poster
139 The impact of different bulking agents and amendments on organic matter and nitrogen transformations
during sewage sludge composting
D. Kulikowska, K. Bernat Abstract / Full paper Poster
140 Methane production from liquid waste: leachate from composting of biowaste and glycerine Katarzyna Bernat, Thi Cam Tu Le, Dorota Kulikowska Abstract / Full paper Poster
141 Macroalgae waste from the Agar-Agar industry: Bioenergy through pyrolysis processes (biofuels) and
biogas upgrading
E. Ciurcina, E. Fuente, S. Paniagua, L. Taboada-Ruiz, L.F. Calvo, F. Suárez-García, M. Díaz Somoano,
B. Ruiz
Abstract / Full paper Poster
142 STUDY OF THE RESIDUE OBTAINED FROM THE PINEAPPLE INDUSTRIALIZATION PROCESS M.E Ramos -Cassellis1, 2 M.E Sánchez -Pardo2, R. Mora Escobedo2, J.S Hernández –Zepeda 1, M. Huerta
Lara 1 and A. Merino-Sánchez 1
Abstract / Full paper Poster
143 Integration of anaerobic digestion of pre-treated sewage sludge with a membrane-based biogas
upgrading system: Evaluation of process configuration through pilot-scale operation
G.-C. Mitraka, C. Koutsiantzi, M. Gaspari, K.N. Kontogiannopoulos, A.I. Zouboulis, P.G. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
144 Preparation and study of food packaging composites based on nano-lignocellulose and PVA/Chitosan K. Papapetros, K.S Andrikopoulos, F. Mathioudakis, A. Soto Beobide, M. Iakovlev, E. Deze, M
Papaioannou, S. Sideri, M. Sarafidou, A. Koutinas, G.A Voyiatzis
Abstract / Full paper Poster
146 Looking deeper at winemaking by-products composition: target & untarget analysis Aly Castillo, Maria Celeiro, Diego Gonzalez-Iglesias, Laura Rubio, Carmen Garcia-Jares, Marta Lores Abstract / Full paper Poster
147 On site conversion of olive tree prunings to biochar and environmental benefits M. Ainatzoglou, V.P. Aravani, V.G. Papadakis Abstract / Full paper Poster
148 Fibres as reinforcement of alkali-activated materials: Comparative study Miguel A. Gómez-Casero Luis Pérez-Villarejo Eulogio Castro Dolores Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
149 Earthworm activity reduces bacterial pathogen loadsEarthworms and sewage sludge: circular economy in
integrated water management in sewage sludge
Jorge Domínguez Grupo de Ecoloxía Animal (GEA), Universidade de Vigo, 36310 Vigo, Spain Abstract / Full paper Poster
150 Importance of carbon source for the cellulase activity in Trichoderma strains isolated from kitchen
waste compost
S. G. da Silva, A.G.C.R. Nascimento, J.G. Busato, A. M. de Paula Abstract / Full paper Poster
152 Durability of alkaline activated materials from two industrial by-products: diatomites and sewage
A. García-Díaz, J.S. Bueno-Rodríguez, L. Pérez-Villarejo, D. Eliche-Quesada Abstract / Full paper Poster
153 Utilization of rice crop residuals for biogas production through anaerobic digestion A. Kalaitzidis, N.E. Korres, G.-C. Mitraka, D. Katsantonis, P.G. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
155 Biodegradation of TPS and PHB by Scenedesmus obliquus under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions Nicodemou A, Syranidou E, Fourneau R, Koutinas M Abstract / Full paper Poster
158 Outstanding performance as proactive support in catalytic green hydrogen production of sustainable
graphene synthesised from a macroalgae waste
M.González-Ingelmo, P. Álvarez, M. Granda, E. Fuentes , B. Ruiz , V. G. Rocha, Z. González Abstract / Full paper Poster
159 Optimization of WEEE collection system: Assessment of key influencing factors for different
scenarios in Novi Sad, Serbia
Tijana Marinković, Isidora Berežni, Nikolina Tošić, Nemanja Stanisavljević, Bojan Batinić Abstract / Full paper Poster
161 Total polyphenolic content and antioxidant activity of Hydro-Ethanol extracts from cultivated
Helichrysum amorginum L.
Stavropoulos G.1* , Zisimou S.1, Angeli M.1 ,Koskiniadou M.1 , Samanidis I.1, Abstract / Full paper Poster
162 Preparation of sustainable graphenes from coke-like wastes with applications in elimination of
emergent contaminants in wastewater
M.González-Ingelmo, P. Álvarez, M. Granda, V. G. Rocha, Z. González, U. Sierra, A. Mercado,
S.Fernandez, R. Menéndez
Abstract / Full paper Poster
163 Leaching study based on metal and anion release according to the composition of CDW Antonio López-Uceda, Sabrina Sorlini, Flavio Cioli, Auxi Barbudo, Adela P. Galvín Abstract / Full paper Poster
167 Decomposition Analysis of the Waste Composting in Croatia P. Korica,A. Žgajnar Gotvajn Abstract / Full paper Poster
168 Energy recovery of waste using incineration process HARIS LITINAS Abstract / Full paper Poster
169 A glance at commercial biogas upgrading technologies C. Nikolaidou, M. Gaspari, P.G. Kougias Abstract / Full paper Poster
170 Pilot Scale Design: Dry Anaerobic Bioreactors N. Papastefanakis, Α. Maragkaki, G. Daskalakis, N. Markakis, E. Michalodimitraki, E. Stafilarakis,
C. Tsompanidis, T. Manios
Abstract / Full paper Poster
171 Valorization of pomegranate peels by co-crystallization of their extract: factors affecting the
E.Chezanoglou, A.M. Goula Abstract / Full paper Poster
172 ’Valorisation of seabuckthorn pomace to obtain bioactive soluble dietary fibre using response
surface methodology’’
Shehzad Hussain Rajeev Bhat Abstract / Full paper Poster
173 Continuous bio-hydrogen production from household food waste: the possibility of symbiosis with
municipal wastewaters treatment
D. Misailidou, M. Alexandropoulou, G. Antonopoulou, I. Ntaikou, G. Lyberatos Abstract / Full paper Poster
176 Valorization of olive leaves extract in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents for the development of
bioactive chitosan films and hydrogels
I.Pitterou, S. Chinni, V. A. Georgiou, A. Tzani, A. Detsi Abstract / Full paper Poster
177 A step towards Green Nanotechnology: biomass-NADES extracts for the development of nanocomposite
alginate-silver nanoparticles hydrogels
I.Pitterou, A. Tzavara, A. Malliaraki, E. M. Kousouli, A. Tzani, K. Tsiantas, A. Batrinou, C.
Fountzoula, A. Kriebardis, P. Zoumpoulakis, A. Detsi
Abstract / Full paper Poster
178 LCA applied to comparative environmental evaluation of aggregate production from recycled waste
materials and virgin sources
Rafael Linares, Antonio López-Uceda, Andrea Piccinali, Cristina Martínez-Ruedas, Adela P. Galvín Abstract / Full paper Poster
179 A review and assessment of implemented food waste prevention
F. Mentzou, D. Malamis, K. Moustakas, S. Mai, E.M. Barampouti Abstract / Full paper Poster
180 Valorization of Brewers Spent Grains towards bioethanol
K. Passadis, K. Vassileiou, D. Malamis, S. Mai, E.M. Barampouti Abstract / Full paper Poster
182 Gasified pistachio shells as a multi-purpose material in sustainable chains Jiří Ryšavý, Jakub Čespiva, Lenka Kuboňová, Jiří Horák, František Hopan, Kamil Krpec, Oleksandr
Abstract / Full paper Poster
184 Decontamination of wasted plastic pesticide containers G. Garbounis, H. Karasali, D. Komilis Abstract / Full paper Poster
185 Treatment of landfill leachates by advanced oxidation processes and phytotoxicity assessment E. Isari, E. Grilla, P. Parthenidis, E. Evgenidou, P. Kokkinos, D. A. Lambropoulou, I.
Abstract / Full paper Poster
187 Integrated microalgae valorization via lipid extraction and fast
pyrolysis of biomass residue
G. Iakovou, S. Kavoukis, K. S. Triantafyllidis Abstract / Full paper Poster
189 Systematic recording and analysis of barriers hindering the widespread use of Bio-Based Fertilizers
and Nutrient recovery from industrial and municipal wastewater
I.-G. Athanasoulia *, M. Kyriazi *, J. Novakovic *, E. Giannini * *, K. Moustakas *, D. Malamis *,
M. Loizidou* * Unit of environmental science and technology, National Technical University of
Athens, Department of Chemical Engineering, Zografou, 15772, Greece ** Department of Humanities
Social Sciences and Law, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical
University of Athens
Abstract / Full paper Poster
190 Optimization of food waste fermentation for the maximum production of volatile fatty acids: effect
of anaerobic sludge, temperature, pH, and total solids content
Klempetsani Stavroula, Clea Pavlakou, Nafsika-Angeliki Zafeiri, Foteini Mentzou, Jelica Novakovic,
Malamis Simos, Haralambous Katherine-Joanne
Abstract / Full paper Poster
192 Design of a Zero Liquid Discharge system for the recovery of Mg(OH)2, CaCO3 and KCl from seawater
desalination brine to be used as Bio-Based Fertilizers
S. Katsiolis , J. Novakovic, I.A. Athanasoulia, M. Kyriazi, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis Abstract / Full paper Poster
193 Biowaste as substrate for biosolvents production focusing on
lactic acid and ethyl lactate
D. Spiropoulou, V. Karamplia, C. Stavraki, D. Malamis, S. Mai,
E.M. Barampouti
Abstract / Full paper Poster
194 A Preliminary bibliographic review on Carbon Capture and Utilization A. Merkoureas – Karras, and M. Loizidou Abstract / Full paper Poster
195 A system for leachate valorization based on renewable energy sources and minimized chemicals use –
Social impact assessment
C. Spyropoulou, M. Avramidi, S. Katsiolis, M. Kyriazi, J. Novakovic, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis and M.
Abstract / Full paper Poster
196 Is co-application of municipal sewage sludge and inorganic fertilizer on soils a double-edged sword?
Trade-offs among nitrogen kinetics, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions.
G. Giannopoulos, E. Pasvadoglou, G. Kourtidis, L. Elsgaard, G. Zanakis, and I. Anastopoulos Abstract / Full paper Poster
197 Spatial autocorrelation analysis of food waste in the EU K. Synani, K. Kalogeropoulos, P. Andreopoulos, K. Abeliotis, K. Lasaridi Abstract / Full paper Poster
199 Using hydrothermal pretreatment to enhance gaseous biofuels from forestry residues M. Alexandropoulou, K. Papadopoulou, G. Antonopoulou, G. Lyberatos Abstract / Full paper Poster
204 Exploitation of by-products from biogas plants for greenhouse heating P.G. Kougias, S. Ioannou, M. Gaspari, K.Ν. Kontogiannopoulos, G.K. Ntinas Abstract / Full paper Poster
206 Lactic acid bacteria inoculation mitigates gas production potential losses during aerobic exposure
of catch-up crop.
Villot C., Kuechenmeister F., Clerc S., Andrieu B. Abstract / Full paper Poster
207 Technology trends for CO2 reduction Maria Kasidoni and Maria Loizidou Abstract / Full paper Poster
215 Prediction of transport and destination through subsoil, of lead from leaching of a landfill G.M. Marielena, H.H. Anne Margreth, R.V. María Neftalí, F.V. Georgina Abstract / Full paper Poster

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